TickerPicker$3.99 from MF Software TickerPicker

Welcome to TickerPicker, an intuitive, powerful application that lets you view a watch list of real-time stock quotes for NYSE/NASDAQ-listed stock tickers (plus support for London/Paris/Toronto exchanges) as well as stock/charting data for technical analysis about any ticker. Simply enter the stock ticker into the text field and you’ll get price, simple moving average, volume, RSI and MACD charts at your fingertips!

At roughly the price of one stock trade, this app will pay for itself soon enough – it is a great way to evaluate trades and determine market entry points, helping you make money!

Features include:

– real-time intraday price quote streaming (reloads every 15 secs; volume info still delayed)
– Customizable watch list of most-viewed stocks
– Volume, RSI and MACD charts
– Candlesticks or line price display
– 5-day, 1-month, 3-month & 6-month chart views
– 10, 20, 50, and 200-day Simple Moving Averages
– Zoom in on the charts display by pinching your fingers
– Double-tap the charts view to zoom back out all the way
– Customize/rearrange your chart display and the data you want to see
– NYSE/Nasdaq real-time quote exchange support (e.g. AAPL & GE)
– Paris/London/Toronto delayed quote exchange support (e.g. GLE.PA & BARC.L/BARC.LSE or .TO extension)
– Over-the-Counter ticker support (e.g. GNTA.OB)
– Special index tickers: ‘DJIA’, ‘SP500’, and ‘NASDAQ’

We welcome suggestions for improvements/features – please email them to support@mfsoftwareonline.com.

Note, known bug: If your watch list is long, containing 15 or more stocks, the list won’t update. Keep your list of stocks to 14 or less, while we look at fixing this for the next version of TickerPicker.

Note: Data provided by this application is “as is” and does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any security.


TickerPicker v2.0
Looking for some help with your stock portfolio? This application can help you out with that. TickerPicker version 2.0 offers you almost all you would like to have in a stock application. First you can make your watch list on there you

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