Lady Biz (Period Calendar)

March 21, 2009

Lady Biz (Period Calendar)$3.99 from Flatcracker Software Lady Biz (Period Calendar)

Lady Biz is designed just for women and is a must-have for keeping track of your personal ‘business’ easily and conveniently. Now you can have all of your information readily available to show your doctor during your next visit.

Lady Biz allows you to view reports on any of the items to see an over-all view, for example, how long your periods really last, how much exercise are you getting, etc.

Lady Biz keeps track of the following items:
Breakouts, Breast tenderness, Cramps, Cycle day, Exercise, Intercourse, Migraines, Notes, OB/GYN checkup, Period, Pregnancy test, Sick, Sleep, Stress, Waking temperature, Vitamins, Weight.

Lady Biz (Period Calendar)Lady Biz (Period Calendar)Lady Biz (Period Calendar)Lady Biz (Period Calendar)Lady Biz (Period Calendar)