Freedom SMS

March 22, 2009

Freedom SMS$1.99 from TwinPekes Software Freedom SMS


Read what our users are saying about Freedom SMS:

“I tried other SMS apps but none of them worked. This one is the only that let’s me text my friends without paying a dime. Best app for iTouch users”

“I have bought every SMS app and this is the only one that has worked I recomened this app and only this app to every one with an ipod touch or iPhone this is the best app ever”

I love this app. It’s the most coolest thing ever. I love you too.”


Major features:

– Uses the iPhone and iPod Touch’s email notification to let you know when someone has replied. If you have push email enabled, the notifications are instantaneous, just like regular SMS. Other applications require you to manually check for replies constantly throughout the day, defeating the purpose of using SMS at all.

– Supports portrait or landscape orientations.

– Can automatically locate the carrier for your contacts’ mobile numbers.

– Uses your existing email accounts, so there’s no extra account to manage and password to memorize.

– Send to as many people as you want. Some other applications will cause your account to be flagged as a SPAMMER if you send to as few as 5 people.

– Integrated with your iPhone and iPod Touch’s contacts database, so all your contacts are in one place.


Free yourself from the restrictions of traditional SMS messaging. Freedom SMS will use your existing Mail configuration to send SMS messages to anyone in your contacts list. Did you already run through your allotment of SMS messages this month? Or perhaps you have an iPod Touch and want to have the ability to SMS your friends? Then Freedom SMS is the perfect application for you!

Freedom SMS works in both landscape or portrait mode to suit whichever typing style you prefer. Simply rotate it into your preferred orientation. The application will adjust automatically!

Simply choose the contact and type in your message. Freedom SMS will try to find the carrier for your contact’s mobile number by connecting to our web service. This web service will be continually updated with the latest carrier data. Messages will be sent to that carrier’s email gateway using your iPhone or iPod Touch’s email settings. You don’t need to know the recipient’s carrier or need to set up your email settings especially for this app! And because it uses email, you won’t be charged any SMS fees!

Replies will be sent to your email account so you can continue the conversation. This also means that the iPhone or iPod Touch will notify you of replies using the email notification icon. If you have push email enabled, then you will be notified of replies instantly! Some other SMS applications require that you manually check for new messages over and over again, which defeats the purpose of using SMS at all.

The following carrier SMS gateways are supported and more will be added soon:

– Alltel
– AT&T Wireless
– Boost Mobile
– Nextel
– Sprint
– T-Mobile
– Verizon Wireless
– Virgin Mobile
– Metro PCS
– US Cellular
– Cricket Communications
– Cellular South
– Centennial Wireless

* Freedom SMS will identify the original carrier that issued the mobile number. If that number has since been ported to another carrier, then this information may not be accurate. In this case, you can manually select the carrier to use instead.

* This application only supports mobile numbers in the United States.

* A data connection is required in order to lookup the carrier for a mobile number.

Freedom SMSFreedom SMSFreedom SMSFreedom SMSFreedom SMS

Destiny – Digital Synth

March 22, 2009

Destiny - Digital Synth$1.99 from Magnus Larsson Destiny - Digital Synth

Destiny is not “just another piano toy”.
It’s a “Digital Wave Micro Synth”.
Destiny also features a complete
drumkit to play around with.

– Recording and playback functions
– Sliding keys
– 8 different sound patches to choose from:
– 16-bit high quality stereo sounds
– “Root notes” layed out on the keyboard
to make it easy for beginners to start playing Destiny!

More sound patches and improvements coming up in future updates.

Also check out our other apps
on App Store:
DigiDrummer – Drumpads
Bedrum – A classic drum machine

To hear sounds your device can not be in “silent mode” +
you must have “sound effects” turned on
in the settings.

Destiny - Digital Synth

44 Jots – GTD with Media Notes

March 22, 2009

44 Jots - GTD with Media Notes$3.99 from Infofission 44 Jots - GTD with Media Notes

44 Jots allows you to create and organize multimedia notes about things you need to do or information you need to reference in the future. Notes are organized in the same style as a tickler file. Your notes remain secure on your device (no web service required). Version 1.3 now includes integrated Wifi backup and restore so you can be confident that your data is secure from prying eyes and accidents!

44 Jots allows you to:

* Meetings
* Events
* Task / Todo lists
* Bills

* Text notes
* Images (any number per Jot)
* Voice recordings (one per Jot)

* Now for Jots marked in the past
* 1-31 for the days in the coming month
* January to December for Jots in the coming months

After you complete an item (a bill, recurring meeting, etc). Use the built-in options to quickly move the item to the next occurrence. Choose from:
* Today
* The following day
* Same day, following week
* Same day of the month, following month
* Same day of the current week (i.e. 2nd Tuesday), following month

When you are done with a Jot, just flip the archive switch to save it for future reference.

See a video demonstration of the current features in 44 Jots on our website or Youtube.

We are fanatical about support, let us know if you find any bugs or have any cool features in mind. Chances are you will see them in an update shortly! New releases with bug fixes and usability improvements happen every two weeks (as often as Apple permits)!

To assist our users in connecting with us we have created a serviced called Tap4Help. With Tap4Help our users can request support or see frequently asked questions directly from 44 Jots.

Features in the works for a later releases:
* Ability to email/share Jots via
* Ability to synchronize with popular online calendars

Features that are planned but not currently supported by iPhone SDK:
* Integration with iPhone/iPod touch calendar
* Alerts when the program is not running

44 Jots - GTD with Media Notes44 Jots - GTD with Media Notes44 Jots - GTD with Media Notes44 Jots - GTD with Media Notes44 Jots - GTD with Media Notes

iPhone Black Friday sale! (for 11/28/2008)
ここ2日続けて書いたiPhoneアプリのセールネタ、Black Fridayにアプローチするにつれていよいよ本格化してきた感じで、ますます興味深いタイトルがイッパイ! ってことで、またまた懲りずにリストしてみようと思う。 。。。その前に。

News UK Lite

March 22, 2009

News UK Lite$0.00 from News UK Lite

Was among the TOP 10 Free App in App Store UK !

News UK brings you news from all top news websites of UK. Sports, General, Movies, Technology, Business and custom packages, all for free. Read news from all major newspapers of UK including BBC to Reuters to Guardian. You can also select custom news packages.

(Reviewers: GO TO CUSTOM PAGE and click on GENERAL SETTINGS for all settings options.)

Updated every hour, the news comes to you fresh in simple and easy to use app. Download this free app and let your friends know of this free service. We are waiting for your suggestions and custom package requests.

News UK LiteNews UK LiteNews UK LiteNews UK Lite

e: Spacetime Converter

March 22, 2009

e: Spacetime Converter$0.99 from Elliptics, Ltd. e: Spacetime Converter

Have you thought about how old you are – in meters?

Or how tall you are – in seconds?

Or how many miles it is until your next birthday?

Let’s think out of the box, relativistically. While spacetime intervals are constant, length and time can be converted to each other. This calculator makes use of geometrized units (where the speed of light is unity) and lets you convert conveniently between length and time.

Is this a useful conversion tool in your day-to-day life? Probably not. But maybe it will let you think about the world a little differently. And amuse your friends and family at the same time!

For a technical reference, refer to “Gravitation”, by Misner, Thorne and Wheeler, 1973, W.H. Freeman and Company, pp. 35-36.

To make things more accessible to the average user, we have tried to avoid displaying scientific notation in numbers as much as possible and, instead, make use of more common terms, such as “billions of miles” and “milliseconds”.

Now upgraded with the ability to choose different lengths and times for input (inches, hours, days, etc.)!

keywords: science, physics, space, time, relativity, calculator

Reviews from around the world:

from Fox Knight, US
Love this app!!

from highschool student, US
Good job, there’s a lot of potential here. . .

from Turbo elf, US
Science geek must buy

from Letter Warrior, US
I love this idea, especially seeing how far it is until tomorrow, or a friend’s birthday.

from Professor and wife, US
A great application that can also be used by students … really is a wonderful game.

e: Spacetime Convertere: Spacetime Convertere: Spacetime Convertere: Spacetime Convertere: Spacetime Converter

TV Forecast

March 22, 2009

TV Forecast$2.99 from Big Bucket Software TV Forecast

If you’ve ever missed an episode of your favorite TV show, tuned in to find that it wasn’t airing or are just looking for a personalized TV guide, then look no further than TV Forecast.

TV Forecast helps you to keep an eye on all of your favorite TV shows by keeping them together in one place: on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

• Previous and upcoming episode information.
• Optionally corrects the air time of any show to your time zone.
• Count the seconds to your favorite show: rotate to landscape to reveal an episode countdown.
• Email an episode reminder to yourself or to a friend.
• Section headings to easily identify when a TV show will next air.

TV ForecastTV ForecastTV ForecastTV ForecastTV Forecast

Why,, Why?
Ok. This is starting to get a bit monotonous. A couple of days ago, rolled out a redesign and so today, I sat down to make the appropriate adjustments to the dashboard widget and put out a new version. Only this time the redesign

TV Forecast : soyez à l’heure de vos séries préférées
Voici une application qui sait allier deux plaisirs : l’iPhone et les séries. En tant que bon geek, je suis certain que vous regardez (beaucoup) de séries et la plupart sont américaines. Pour être averti en temps réel de leur diffusion

TV Forecast 1.1 now available in the App Store
Apple approved the 1.1 update of TV Forecast this morning. It’s been quite a while in the works and I hope you’ll find the wait worthwhile. The most noticeable new feature is the Previous/Upcoming toolbar at the bottom of the forecast

My Top 10 iPhone Applications
As you might know, I have an iPhone, and I love it very much. It’s only a 1st gen one, but it’s still fast enough for everyday use and serves me well. Since the iPhone App Store has been up and running since Apple launched it earlier

PhotoJot – Photographer’s Notebook

March 22, 2009

PhotoJot - Photographer's Notebook$2.99 from Infofission PhotoJot - Photographer's Notebook

Now until version 1.3 is released, buy at the currently reduced price and you will receive a free update to 1.3 and all future versions of PhotoJot.

Do you ever wish your camera had GPS built-in or let you take notes about what exactly you are taking a picture of?

PhotoJot helps to fill this gap.

With PhotoJot you can create notes that contain the following information:
* Summary
* Location (from Cellular or GPS)
* Date/Time
* Text note of any length
* Reference photos captured from the iPhone camera or library
* Shutter, Aperture, ISO and other related values for film photographers

* Quickly jotting down information to geocode or describe your images in your favorite photo library or photo sharing site.

* “PhotoJot is a fantastic iPhone app that any iPhone using photographer should have.” – Nate Benson, Nate Benson Photography
* “This is exactly the app I’ve been looking for”
* “I’ve been wanting an app to record locations that i come across and want to remember for future photo assignments. Take a couple of snaps, jot down some notes and have a gps location, so that i can return later. This app is perfect for that.”

See a video demonstration of the current PhotoJot features by visting our website!

Version 1.3 is in beta testing. Planned features include:
* Email support
* Depth of field calculator
* Exposure calculator
* “Camera Bag” support. Track your equipment for attaching to Jots and using in calculations
* Real-time location mapping

Current users are welcome to contact us via email to participate in the version 1.3 beta program.

* Backup, restore and sharing via
* Flash Exposure calculator
* Sunrise/Sunset calculations for anywhere in the world

PhotoJot - Photographer's NotebookPhotoJot - Photographer's NotebookPhotoJot - Photographer's NotebookPhotoJot - Photographer's Notebook