PhotoJot – Photographer’s Notebook

PhotoJot - Photographer's Notebook$2.99 from Infofission PhotoJot - Photographer's Notebook

Now until version 1.3 is released, buy at the currently reduced price and you will receive a free update to 1.3 and all future versions of PhotoJot.

Do you ever wish your camera had GPS built-in or let you take notes about what exactly you are taking a picture of?

PhotoJot helps to fill this gap.

With PhotoJot you can create notes that contain the following information:
* Summary
* Location (from Cellular or GPS)
* Date/Time
* Text note of any length
* Reference photos captured from the iPhone camera or library
* Shutter, Aperture, ISO and other related values for film photographers

* Quickly jotting down information to geocode or describe your images in your favorite photo library or photo sharing site.

* “PhotoJot is a fantastic iPhone app that any iPhone using photographer should have.” – Nate Benson, Nate Benson Photography
* “This is exactly the app I’ve been looking for”
* “I’ve been wanting an app to record locations that i come across and want to remember for future photo assignments. Take a couple of snaps, jot down some notes and have a gps location, so that i can return later. This app is perfect for that.”

See a video demonstration of the current PhotoJot features by visting our website!

Version 1.3 is in beta testing. Planned features include:
* Email support
* Depth of field calculator
* Exposure calculator
* “Camera Bag” support. Track your equipment for attaching to Jots and using in calculations
* Real-time location mapping

Current users are welcome to contact us via email to participate in the version 1.3 beta program.

* Backup, restore and sharing via
* Flash Exposure calculator
* Sunrise/Sunset calculations for anywhere in the world

PhotoJot - Photographer's NotebookPhotoJot - Photographer's NotebookPhotoJot - Photographer's NotebookPhotoJot - Photographer's Notebook

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