TV Forecast

TV Forecast$2.99 from Big Bucket Software TV Forecast

If you’ve ever missed an episode of your favorite TV show, tuned in to find that it wasn’t airing or are just looking for a personalized TV guide, then look no further than TV Forecast.

TV Forecast helps you to keep an eye on all of your favorite TV shows by keeping them together in one place: on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

• Previous and upcoming episode information.
• Optionally corrects the air time of any show to your time zone.
• Count the seconds to your favorite show: rotate to landscape to reveal an episode countdown.
• Email an episode reminder to yourself or to a friend.
• Section headings to easily identify when a TV show will next air.

TV ForecastTV ForecastTV ForecastTV ForecastTV Forecast

Why,, Why?
Ok. This is starting to get a bit monotonous. A couple of days ago, rolled out a redesign and so today, I sat down to make the appropriate adjustments to the dashboard widget and put out a new version. Only this time the redesign

TV Forecast : soyez à l’heure de vos séries préférées
Voici une application qui sait allier deux plaisirs : l’iPhone et les séries. En tant que bon geek, je suis certain que vous regardez (beaucoup) de séries et la plupart sont américaines. Pour être averti en temps réel de leur diffusion

TV Forecast 1.1 now available in the App Store
Apple approved the 1.1 update of TV Forecast this morning. It’s been quite a while in the works and I hope you’ll find the wait worthwhile. The most noticeable new feature is the Previous/Upcoming toolbar at the bottom of the forecast

My Top 10 iPhone Applications
As you might know, I have an iPhone, and I love it very much. It’s only a 1st gen one, but it’s still fast enough for everyday use and serves me well. Since the iPhone App Store has been up and running since Apple launched it earlier


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