WeatherAlert$0.99 from Figment, Inc. WeatherAlert

WeatherAlert is a simple weather notification application that will display alerts for your area such as Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Floods, etc.

WeatherAlert has been updated to provided more accurate alert information. We are aggregating information from multiple sources and displaying the most recent and accurate information available.

* If you do NOT see an alert you have selected to check for and you get it in other weather apps, first step is to check the details of the alert and make sure it has not expired.

We are open to other suggestions. Thanks for your support.

We have been receiving a lot of bounce messages. Many users have incorrect email addresses set. Please verify your email address and turn the notifications off then back on to reset the settings. Also, if using the method to get the email as an SMS, DO NOT put the leading ‘1’ for country code. Enter only 10 digits (area code + number). The 1 will cause the SMS to not be sent.



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