Quotes and Facts

March 23, 2009

Quotes and Facts$0.99 from Redwheel Apps Quotes and Facts

Quotes and Facts provides you with hours of entertainment. With hundreds of facts on a variety of topics, the best movie quotes and a slew of famous quotes, you will be able to impress your friend with the knowledge of Quotes and Facts.

Quotes and FactsQuotes and Facts


Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

March 23, 2009

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus$3.99 from jDictionary Mobile Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

ON SALE: 50% off for limited time!

The best-selling English dictionary for Symbian and Blackberry is now available for iPhone/iPod touch!

Advanced English Dictionary is distinguished from the other (paper, electronic) dictionaries in many ways. Not because it contains far more words than a conventional paper dictionary, but because it uses a radically new approach and technology. Instead of just listing the words and their definitions, Advanced English Dictionary shows how every word is linked to another. Type in the word “tree” and you will get not only the definition, synonyms and opposites, but the hypernyms (a tree is a kind of what?), meronyms (what are the parts of a tree?) and more. You can also find a list of hundreds of trees, from yellowwood to the Tree of Knowledge. This revolutionary approach will help you to understand the meanings of words better. Take a look at the screenshots to get the idea!

Up to 250,000 entries, 1.6 million words, 335,000 relations

134,000 pronunciation guides in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Content sensitive IPA pronunciation symbol assistance
(just tap the pronunciation guides to open it)

Clear and precise definitions

Apart from “everyday” words and definitions, Advanced English Dictionary also includes biographical and geographical data, technical and scientific terms and more

Thesaurus functionality with word links

Sample sentences show you how to use the words in your own speaking and writing.

Fast look-ups, snappy user interface, smoothly scrolling screens

Editable history/bookmarks function

Adjustable profanity filter (Home screen -> Settings)

Word Shake – shake the device to look up random words!

Designed specifically for iPhone/iPod touch

No internet connection required

Advanced English Dictionary & ThesaurusAdvanced English Dictionary & ThesaurusAdvanced English Dictionary & ThesaurusAdvanced English Dictionary & ThesaurusAdvanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus


March 23, 2009

Share-a-bill$1.99 from Mileware Share-a-bill

Easily split multiple bills and checks between a group of people. 

Have you ever been on holidays and you wanted to share the costs/expenses with your friends? Usually at the end of the holidays you were sitting with your friends, everyone with some bills and someone must compute who owes what to whom and how much.

With the powerful application “Share-a-bill” you can define individual events and group of people involved in each event. Enter each expense on the fly and define who paid for the expense and who has participated on that expense. If you are abroad you can define several currencies and their exchange rates. At the end of the event everybody knows exactly who owes what to whom. Finally you can email a detailed report from the event to your friends.   

– easy to use interface
– manage and copy individual events
– info about people participating in the event can be added directly from iPhone’s/iPod’s address book
– email detailed event reports to your friends
– uneven splitting of individual expenses between people
– support for transfers (cash operations to balance the amounts during the event / to handle additional money loans)
– support for multiple currencies and exchange rates with the option to enter reversed rates
– possibility to change default domestic currency accessible from iPhone/iPod’s settings
– resolutions screen automatically computing and displaying exactly who owes what to whom
– ability to record paybacks directly from computed resolutions

**** Try our Share-a-bill LITE version before buying this fully functional version ****


Legends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station Story

March 23, 2009

Legends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station Story$1.99 from ZappTek Legends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station Story

Legends brings you: According to Their Needs.

New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole returns to his Purgatory Station universe. Father Flynn has been invited to Apogea, a resort world created for the elite, boasting of every luxury imaginable, and the lack of one thing: a government. The world is managed by Covenant, a massive computer network which balances the needs and desires of all residents, making Apogea a paradise. But a serpent has slithered into that paradise, with murder as the result; and Father Flynn becomes embroiled in an investigation that could easily bring Apogea’s perfection crashing down in on itself.

– 50 pages in reader
– double-tap scalable text
– pinch zoom full screen images
– triple-tap inversion for low-light reading
– portrait & landscape reading, with orientation locking
– opens to your last read page
– easily find more Legends to read via the info page
– includes bookmarks
– add notes to any page
– notes are automatically bookmarked

Legends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: According to Their Needs a Purgatory Station Story

iPump Office Stretch

March 23, 2009

iPump Office Stretch$0.99 from PumpOne iPump Office Stretch

LATEST NEWS – iPump Office Stretch is just one of the many workout programs included in the just-released iPump FITNESSBUILDER. This Beyond-Revolutionary program is truly the only Fitness App you will ever need with over 400 ready-made Workouts, 4,000+ exercise images & videos, Drag & Drop Workout Builder, Exercise Image Creator and a lot more. It is available now, just search for FITNESSBUILDER.

If you just want Office Stretch read below for App description.

iPump Office Stretch is the ideal way to relieve the stress caused by sitting at a desk for long periods of time. With 6 stretching sessions containing 16 Male & Female exercise images, videos* & audio coaching for both the upper and lower body, it can help to reduce stiffness, improve flexibility, increase blood flow as well as counteract the effects of repetitive motions.

With our intuitive LOG interface all you have to do is enter your reps, sets and weight for each exercise. There’s nothing easier or faster. Once you’ve completed a workout, all your tracking information gets automatically copied into your workout Log, ready for you to INSPIRE.

Inspire is all about accountability, to help you stay on your iPump fitness plan. One of the best ways to inspire others is to show them that you’ve started a fitness program and are sticking to it. By emailing others your progress, you can encourage them to start training today as well as stay motivated yourself.

• Office Stretch is also available as part of iPump FITNESSBUILDER
• Exercises require typical gym equipment
• Videos require Edge, 3G or WiFi connectivity

iPump Office StretchiPump Office StretchiPump Office StretchiPump Office StretchiPump Office Stretch

News India Plus

March 23, 2009

News India Plus$1.99 from TechReply.com News India Plus

News India Plus is the paid version of the already popular News India Lite app.

Paid version features:

1) See more news per source. Up to 8 news items per source.
2) Select 10 news sources in your custom news page.
3) No advertisements.
… etc

About News India app:

News India Lite, the free version brings you news from the leading Indian newspapers in one simple app. General, Sports, Entertainment, Bollywood, Technology, Business News from Times Of India, Hindu, NDTV and all the major newspapers of India. The app does not depend on the news website to have an rss feed. So you get news from all major news websites.

We will continuously improve the app and the backend. So your feedback is very important.


News India PlusNews India PlusNews India PlusNews India PlusNews India Plus

News Canada Lite

March 23, 2009

News Canada Lite$0.00 from TechReply.com News Canada Lite

News Canada brings you news from all top news websites of Canada. Sports, General, Movies, Technology, Business and custom packages, all for free. Read news from all major newspapers of Canada. You can also create your customized news page with news from all major Canadian news websites !

Updated every hour, the news comes to you fresh in simple and easy to use app. Download this free app and let your friends know of this free service.

You can choose your colors, decide number of stories you want to see, open news in Safari, view it in landscape mode and a lot more.


News Canada LiteNews Canada LiteNews Canada LiteNews Canada Lite