Share-a-bill$1.99 from Mileware Share-a-bill

Easily split multiple bills and checks between a group of people. 

Have you ever been on holidays and you wanted to share the costs/expenses with your friends? Usually at the end of the holidays you were sitting with your friends, everyone with some bills and someone must compute who owes what to whom and how much.

With the powerful application “Share-a-bill” you can define individual events and group of people involved in each event. Enter each expense on the fly and define who paid for the expense and who has participated on that expense. If you are abroad you can define several currencies and their exchange rates. At the end of the event everybody knows exactly who owes what to whom. Finally you can email a detailed report from the event to your friends.   

– easy to use interface
– manage and copy individual events
– info about people participating in the event can be added directly from iPhone’s/iPod’s address book
– email detailed event reports to your friends
– uneven splitting of individual expenses between people
– support for transfers (cash operations to balance the amounts during the event / to handle additional money loans)
– support for multiple currencies and exchange rates with the option to enter reversed rates
– possibility to change default domestic currency accessible from iPhone/iPod’s settings
– resolutions screen automatically computing and displaying exactly who owes what to whom
– ability to record paybacks directly from computed resolutions

**** Try our Share-a-bill LITE version before buying this fully functional version ****



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