UltraList$3.99 from Garner Labs, Inc. UltraList

One of the best ways to keep and organize information in our lives is through the use of lists, whether it is a To Do list, shopping list, gift giving list, a checklist of some kind. UltraList allows you to keep these lists with you and update them wherever you are.


+ Create unlimited number of lists from four types of lists: To Do, Shopping, Gift Giving and Checklist.
+ Ability to group and sort items by a number of criteria, such as location, due date, category, etc. Including being able to manually order items.
+ Past due and due today alerts shown on the main Lists screen to show you how many items are past due or due today.
+ Email entire lists or just a single item.
+ Backup and restore to/from your desktop computer over Wi-Fi (with provided desktop application, see company website).
+ Using a unique Show/Hide feature, items in a list can be hidden. This allows you to have a full list of things, but only show a smaller number of them while you are using the list. Works great for shopping lists or packing lists.
+ You can set an expiration date on items in your shopping list to remind you to buy them.
+ Shopping items can be organized by category (the section of the store).
+ Keep track of locations and associate them with items in your lists.
+ A location has a name, but also GPS coordinates that you either enter by hand, or by setting to your current location.
+ Items in a list can be sorted by your proximity to the locations to which they are associated.
+ Items that have been completed (checked off) for longer than a specified time can be automatically deleted (if you choose to enable this option).

We hope you like it and look forward to your feedback!



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