Activities$2.99 from BlueShellTurtle Activities

Activities was designed to help you keep track of everyday chores and tasks.

A traditional calendar is excellent for managing tasks with a fixed deadline, but is unable to handle tasks that should be performed on a semi-regular basis. Activities has been built to do exactly that: remind you of everyday tasks you have to do and keep a track record of your performance. It’s an easy to use tool that clears your head by liberating you from constantly reminding yourself of all these must-be-done tasks.

Activities excels at managing tasks such as:
– The ficus needs to be watered at least once a week
– I should work out in the gym every 2-3 days

features added in version 1.2:
– graphical redesign
– spanish translation
– ability to disable the Icon-badge
– ability to assign tags
– order by due-date in main-view



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