Pocket Globe

Pocket Globe$2.99 from Better Day Wireless Pocket Globe

Now you can have a globe in the palm of your hands.

Pocket Globe is an accurate and stunning 3D model of the Earth.

You can spin it, rotate it up and down, and even zoom in.

Pocket Globe is also customizable, allowing you to place pins anywhere on the globe just like a traditional map. Put pins where you’ve been, where you’d like to go, or where friends and family or contacts live.

Featuring 5 different maps of the Earth. See country, capital, and major city names clearly on the Political Globe. Or see a beautiful model of the Earth as seen from space on the Satellite Globe (cloud cover has been removed to allow you to see all land masses). See the beauty of Earth after sundown when it is aglow with city lights. Check out the radiation that the Earth is emitting back into space on the Long Wave Radiation Globe. Or see the amount of solar energy being reflected from the Earth during the Summer Solstice.

How to use Pocket Globe:
-To ROTATE planet in any direction, simply drag finger
-To SPIN globe, drag finger quickly and release (can spin at any speed and when zoomed in or out)
-To ZOOM IN and OUT, use two-finger pinch gestures
-CHANGE MAPS or ADD PINS by hitting the Options button at the bottom of the screen, press Left Arrow to change maps and Right Arrow to add pins (options will disappear automatically when you zoom in)
-After selecting a pin, double tap any globe to add a pin to it. Click done when finished adding pins. To remove a pin, simply double tap it.

Be amazed by Pocket Globe today!

*** We recommend that you restart your device after downloading Pocket Globe to ensure there is enough memory available to load all globe types ***

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make Pocket Globe better, please email us at:

Please note that the image below shows four different screenshots.

Better Day Wireless. Better Apps. Better Value.

Pocket Globe


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