Traverter$2.99 from NZWidgets Traverter

Traverter is the travel converter.

Have you ever lost your luggage travelling in another country? Insurance is great but what happens when you need new clothes and all the sizes are different? Where do you start? Would you like to buy a gift for your partner, spouse or kids? Traverter provides clothing size conversions to help.

Have you ever played golf overseas and not known the correct club, let Traverter convert between yards and metres and make it easy – it can’t tell you the right club though!

Traverter helps you travel.

Just tap any field to edit.
– Quick and easy to use.
– Remembers the values for each page independently.
– Customisable tabs for quick and easy access.

– 35 currency conversions
– International dialing code lookup
– Clothing size conversions (men’s and women’s)
– Temperature conversion (Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin)
– Speed conversion (mph, kph, m/s, knots)
– Distance conversion (miles, kilometres, nautical miles, yards, metres, feet)
– Gas/petrol conversions (US and imperial gallons, litres, mpg, litres per 100 kilometres)
– Weight conversion (stones, kg, g, oz, lbs)


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