4 Tracks Audio Recorder

4 Tracks Audio Recorder$7.99 from LittleCodeShop.com 4 Tracks Audio Recorder

4 Tracks is the original multitrack digital recording studio for the iPhone.

Features :

– Integrated synthesizer
– Onscreen guitar/keyboard
– Loads any audio files and loop !
– Import/export recordings from/to desktop through a simple web browser.
– CD-Quality Recording 16 bit, 44.1 kHz
– Metronome allows you to create time perfect recordings (60 to 200) bpm
– Save and name your tracks using a clean interface

4 Tracks is VERY SIMPLE to use !! it mimicks a little metal device, the ergonomics of 4 tracks will be hard to beat !

It allows you to record in multiple takes. I developped it to practice the guitar but it could be used for anything.
4 tracks plays back prerecorded tracks while you record a new one.

To use 4 Tracks, although you can use the iphone microphone, it is best to plug in your headphones with microphone and play or sing up to 4 tracks.

Now you can still play your favorite instrument away from home, 4 Tracks comes with an internal synthesizer and you can play with a keyboard or a guitar type controller.

For upcoming features check out http://www.littlecodeshop.com

4 Tracks Audio Recorder4 Tracks Audio Recorder


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