Falling Sands

Falling Sands$2.99 from ZodTTD Falling Sands

Manipulate sand, water, oil, fire, and more with Falling Sands. This falling sand simulation is a great way to relax. With much more features than other types of sand games, Falling Sands calculates the physics down to the particle.

For example you can turn water into steam when you brush fire across it with a touch of a finger. Didn’t like the turn out? Easy, just give things a shake and the canvas will erase with a clean slate.

You can even control the direction of the sand with the movement of your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Enjoy over 40 elements, actions, and options to play with!

This application is designed to be very easy to pick up and use. Just swipe your finger across the screen and you will see the magic unfold.

I am working hard on Falling Sands and looking forward to feedback to build upon.

And of course, updates to Falling Sands are available for free to those who purchase it.

Thanks to all those who support ZodTTD!

Updated To v3.5.0!
Each version gets better. Keep in mind I am taking suggestions from v3.5.0 reviews for a soon-to-come v4.0.0 update.

If you like this game, please rate it. It helps a lot!

– ZodTTD

Falling SandsFalling SandsFalling SandsFalling SandsFalling Sands

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Without further technical error (I hope) here are links to the themes for you to download and vote on. Many of these themes are really quite cool — Props to the contest participants! Voting will end two days after they are published on

Falling Sands
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