Kigen$3.99 from Konton Kigen

It is software to make to the list and to manage the date(time limit) and the count such as foods.
The list has item name and category name.
There are three level of list exist in this soft.

1. Category list
2. Item list
3. Date / count list

These lists are automatically sorted.

For example, if you want to manage some eggs, you make a category named “Refrigerator”, and make item named “Eggs” in this category. This “Refrigerator” category can make other item (“Milk”, “Sliced cheese”, and so on.)
These item name and category name can change at all times.

Each item can have two or more combinations of date and count. Count can be input from 1 to 999999. If you input zero count, the combination of date and count was deleted.

It takes a picture of these screen shots in a English environment. The display of the button etc. are different in other languages.


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