preFlight – Airport Delay Status

March 26, 2009

preFlight - Airport Delay Status$0.99 from preFlight - Airport Delay Status

preFlight is the perfect travel companion for anyone that flies regularly. It is an easy to use display of real time airport delays, closures, and current weather conditions for all major U.S. airports. With information on over 300 airports, preFlight is a must have for travelers. three convenient tabs make it easy to find airports by name, state, and current delays.


– Airports with current delays

– Delays by destination

– General departure delays

– Current weather conditions

– Easy to use interface

preFlight - Airport Delay StatuspreFlight - Airport Delay StatuspreFlight - Airport Delay StatuspreFlight - Airport Delay StatuspreFlight - Airport Delay Status


March 26, 2009

Todo+Cal+Sync$14.99 from Synthesis AG Todo+Cal+Sync

NEW: Now includes SyncML enabled, full featured calendar! Just swipe left+right to switch between todo, month, day and list views.

Todo+Cal+Sync (formerly Todo+Sync) is an advanced todo and calendar management application specifically designed for the iPhone.
It offers a simple visual interface to quickly access and organize multiple calendars, large lists of ideas, projects and things to do, while offering the full power of both hierarchically structured or free form categories/tags.
Complex tasks can be split up into subtasks (and further sub-sub tasks if needed) while monitoring overall completion status in the main todo entry.

Rich use of color allows grouping and highlighting todos and calendar entries in a way immediately recognizable at the first glance. Advanced tag-based navigation provides quick focusing to a topic of interest and related todo items or calendar events with a few taps. Todo lists can be sorted by due date, priority or tag. The calendar provides month, day and list views, which colored display of data from multiple calendars. With a few taps calendar categories can be hidden or shown in any calendar view.

The integrated SyncML client allows synchronizing tasks, calendar (and also the address book) with any SyncML compliant server or service. This includes various enterprise collaboration software as well as on-line personal information management services like GooSync, GroupWiseSync, mobical, Scheduleworld, O-Sync, and many more. Two modes allow including or excluding extended attributes (color, tag and todo hierarchies, geo tagging) into synchronisation encoded into the description text, depending on use case and server abilities.

Please be aware that the services listed above are third party offerings for which we are in no way responsible, and cannot provide support or guarantee particular features you might expect to be supported.
We have performed successful tests with the services we mention, but these are run by independent companies who can change their feature set, policies and conditions according to their own terms.
The power of SyncML as an open synchronisation standard lies in the independence from a particular service. On the other hand this includes the possibility of services claiming SyncML compatibility which do not really comply with the standard. We put great efforts into making our software work with as many different services as possible even then – within the limits of SyncML standard compliance.
So please check with the provider of the software or service you want to use our application with first whether they support it.

Please also note that the application cannot directly sync via iTunes with iCal or Outlook – the current iPhone SDK does not allow this. If you need synchronisation and don’t have a SyncML server in house, please use a SyncML compliant third party service of your choice (see suggestions above).

To get an impression how the application works, please visit the “Todo+Cal+Sync Support” page (link below), which features an introductionary video and a PDF short reference for download.

Note that due to current iPhone SDK limitations, reminders cannot be shown as alerts on the device (reminder time is however editable, to enable server-based reminders for example by SMS).

Planned for future versions:
• optional display of due todo items and anniversaries from contacts in the calendar views
• “smart” tags for location or time based grouping of entries: “nearby”, “next week” etc.
• additional views for todo and calendar
• improvements based on your feedback!


SyncML on iPhone, iFinally have that functionality
One of my major gripes about the iPhone has been its lack of syncML support. Also, Apple does not allow third party apps to modify data in the built-in calendar application. Ostensibly, because they want users to subscribe to their


March 26, 2009

FastCall$0.99 from EdgeRift, Inc. FastCall

Say hello to FastCall, a faster way to find, call, SMS, and e-mail your contacts. FastCall learns from your usage habits to intelligently help you find the right person every time.

FastCall is faster than QWERTY with a specially designed keypad, making it ideal for one-handed searching. In just a few taps, you’ll be able to find anyone. Can’t remember the name? Just type in the title or company/organization.

See who’s hot (and who’s not) with Heatmap. Contacts you frequently communicate with appear in hot colors. All others are displayed in cooler colors. What’s more, Heatmap learns from your usage habits, so it’s always getting smarter. You can even sort by Most Frequently Accessed so that the hottest contacts always appear at the top of the search results.

* On sale for a limited time only! *



● Find contacts using either Quick Search (fastest) or Advanced Search*

● Sort by First Name, Last Name; Last Name, First Name; and Most Frequently Accessed

● Heatmap displays frequently accessed contacts in “hot” colors

● Call, SMS, and e-mail using the Quick Connect view that’s designed with speed in mind

● Unique keyboard combines multiple letters on each button to improve typing accuracy (each button has a larger surface area than the built-in iPhone keyboard)

● Accelerometer support – shake to clear a search and start over

● International support – searches diacritical marks

● Works with thousands of contacts; tested with up to 10,000!

● Fullscreen Support (for viewing contacts on the list view)

* Quick Search searches first name, last name, and company/organization fields. Advanced Search searches all name fields (prefix, first name, middle name, last name, suffix) as well as company/organization and title fields.


Comments, feature requests, suggestions? We want to hear from you so that we can make FastCall even better! Let us know by contacting us at:


"So Long 2008" Giveaway – FastCall
I love my iPhone, but truth be told, it’s actually not the best phone I’ve ever used. It needs voice dial, but doesn’t have it. It needs an “intelligent dialer” that lets you simply begin dialing a number or a name and it immediately

mBox Mail – Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

March 26, 2009

mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail$4.99 from mFluent, LLC mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

50% off sale for a limited time only.

mBox Mail is a fast, full-featured Hotmail client for iPhone and iPod Touch. It offers full access and control of your Windows Live Hotmail. From folder management to Windows Live Contacts – all with a slick user interface, great performance, and unparalleled ease of use.

– Handles multiple Hotmail accounts
– Move messages between folders
– Add, edit and delete folders
– Mail is kept in sync with the web including read/unread flags
– Access Windows Live Contacts
– Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized use
– Landscape mode support for all screens
– Message Search
– Support for large attachments
– Send and receive pictures
– Save pictures to photo album
– Embedded web browser
– Multiple language support
– Supports Windows Live custom domains

Find mBox Mail on the Web
Visit us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest tips and updates!

“Probably the best app I’ve purchased. If you have a Hotmail account, you owe it to yourself to buy this app.” – kderoos

“This is one of my several killer apps for the iPhone. Works great for windows live email which is what my college uses. So now I have access on my iPhone for my college email.” – ctt1wbw

“I love it ! It is so much easier now to check my e mail” – ll Rich

mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail episode #004
We began the show with a quick explanation of what happened with the special episode of covering the DenDen Town Street Festa and we promised to go back some time in the near future. Hiro mentioned that I finally succumbed to

mBox Mail – Hotmail & Windows Live Mail 2.0 – Update | AppStore
Produttore: mFluent | Download Via: AppStore | Prezzo: 3,99€. | Utenti: Note: There is a rating embedded within this post, please visit this post to rate it. L’applicazione mBox Mail, una sorta di client per iPhone/iPod Touch che vi

10 best iPhone applications
It seems like a mandatory thing – own an iPhone, download a ton of apps (mostly free) and write about them on your blog. My turn. My Top Ten (this one goes to Eleven!) Evernote (free) – truly one of the best apps, Evernote is an

iPhoneItalia App Store Sales – 28 Marzo 2009 – Applicazioni in offerta
Il consueto appuntamento con App Store Sales, le occasioni da non perdere. Eccone alcune. mBox Mail – Categoria: Social network – Versione: 2.0 – 7,49€/3,99€. mBox mail è l’applicazione per gestire la posta hotmail ed i contatti live.

Making the iPhone work with HotMail
I’ve been a HotMail user for a number of years as the e-mail provider for While I’ve always liked HotMail with the desktop Live Mail client and the web client, the mobile device access has always left me wanting.

AppStore Pricing
I just noticed that number 24 in the UK AppStore is mBoxMail – a Hotmail client for the iPhone. That’s impressive in its own right – you don’t see many non-entertainment app that high in the AppStore. But the really interesting thing is

Want Hotmail POP3 Support On Your iPhone? For Free?!? Not In THIS
Windowslive. Here’s another disadvantage to being an “ugly American:” You can’t set up your Hotmail account to be a POP3 server for your iPhone. Now, if you live in, say, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain,

Hotmail en el iPhone de forma nativa
Si tienes una cuenta en Hotmail y la quieres consultar en el iPhone de manera cómoda y sin tener que usar Safari, ya no necesitas ningún programa extra como mbox-mail. Parece que Microsoft ha cambiado Hotmail ofreciendo compatibilidad

mBoxMail for iPhone released – Hotmail and Windows Live Mail
image. Surely Microsoft’s Hotmail and Windows Live Mail are not the most popular mail services in the world (Google Mail is), but still many people have accounts there and would like to use them in iPhone.

Hotmail al’iPhone
Avui finalment he trobat la solució al problema de poder configurar el meu compte de Hotmail a l’iPhone. Sé que la opció fàcil hagués estat enviar un correu a tots els meus contactes que tinc de Hotmail i donar l’adreça de Gmail,

Car Finder

March 26, 2009

Car Finder$0.99 from Cinn Dev Car Finder


Have you ever parked your car and upon your return, spent frustrating time trying to find it? Never again!

With a simple tap you can use Car Finder to mark your car’s location!

Directions: To ensure GPS accuracy, tap the level on which you are parked, wait three seconds, and tap again. When you are ready to find your car, just open your Car Finder iPhone app for directions or a Google Maps view.
IMPORTANT: Please note that this program should be used with the iPhone 3G, as it is dependent upon location data, which is most accurate when GPS services are available.

Car FinderCar FinderCar FinderCar Finder

i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer

March 26, 2009

i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer$14.99 from AL Software i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer

i41CX+ is an advanced programmable and expandable RPN scientific calculator with a virtual thermal printer/plotter. i41CX+ is functionally equivalent to the world-renowned HP-41CX and supports over 200 built-in functions and contains 319 registers of main memory for storing data, programs, alarms, and user-defined key assignments. It also contains 600 extended memory registers for storage of data, text, and program files. The large number of registers combined with programmability, makes the 41CX+ an extremely powerful scientific calculator suitable for a wide variety of scientific, engineering, mathematical, financial, and technical applications.

• RPN logic with a 4 element deep memory stack
• Powerful and rich set of numerical, mathematical, and statistical functions
• Time, calendar, alarm, and stopwatch functions
• Alphanumeric display that enables interactive programmable functions
• User definable keyboard: frequently used functions and programs can be assigned to user chosen keys for quick and easy execution
• Program, data, and text file operations in extended memory with built-in text editor function
• Expandability: four module ports provide access to additional functions using expansion pacs that can be downloaded from the web (e.g. at
• Program features: automatic line numbering, labels, branching, subroutines, interactive alphanumeric input/output, loop operations, indirect addressing, flag operations, and synthetic operations
• Sound support including synthetic tones
• Support for downloading, loading, saving, and emailing user programs, registers, and flags.
• Support for loading and saving calculator states and configurations.
• Support for keyboard overlays. 37 are included and users can create their own custom ones using the blank templates available at the i41CX+ product web page.
• Optional interface sounds
• Optional mini stack display
• Support for calculator skins
• User adjustable calculator speed, sound volume, and display contrast
• Option to use the iPhone keyboard for alphanumeric input, including in the built-in alphanumeric text editor
• States of the calculator and printer are retained across app launches.
• Calculator’s clock is synchronized with the iPhone clock
• Beautiful and clean user interface optimized for the portrait mode screen aspect ratio and to maximize the keypad area while still providing for a full featured scientific keypad

The virtual thermal printer/plotter supports printing, plotting, graphics, and special characters. The printer has three basic modes of operation. In manual mode the printer only prints when explicitly specified to do so by either the user or a program. In normal mode, the printer prints numbers and alphanumeric characters that are entered by the user, function names as they are executed from the keyboard, and output from print functions. In trace mode, the printer prints numbers and alphanumeric that are entered by the user, function names, intermediate and final answers, and output from print functions.

• Ability to control print color on a per line basis either via GUI color sliders or programmatically via the calculator’s highest numbered data register
• The state of the printer/plotter is retained across program launches
• Ability to save a JPEG snapshot of the virtual paper roll to the iPhone’s photo gallery. These can then be emailed or transferred to the computer and printed out on a real printer.

******* NOTE TO 1G iPOD TOUCH USERS *******
Sounds, including the key click sound, are only audible when played back through the headphones. To mitigate this limitation, i41CX+ supports an option to enable a “glow” key press feedback effect.

i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer

Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping List

March 26, 2009

Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping List$2.99 from Flixoft, Inc Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping List

We’ve taken the highest-ranking Grocery List application by MacWorld to the next level: Grocery Gadget for the family is finally here! Best of all, the price stays the same and upgrading from the personal edition is FREE.

All the features you know and love are still there! Make simple and quick lists, or use the Prepare/Shop reusable list mode to keep each store’s auto-learned products and prices in same sequence.

Good News! You can now share and sync your lists with multiple iPhones, iPod Touches, and even desktops. Our sync technology (similar to the MobileMe syncing technology) lets everyone in your group use the same information. Create a sync group from your app or from the web portal. Tell your group members the name and password so they can join from their iPhone and iPod Touch, or from a web browser. So for example, if you need you make list changes in your iPhone at home, changes will instantly appear in your spouse’s iPhone at the grocery store, and vice versa!

Prefer using a desktop to create shopping lists instead of your iPhone or iPod Touch? You’ll love the FREE companion web portal! Sign Up from iPhone or iTouch and then use your Group Name to Sign In to portal to manage your shopping lists (cloning, merging, moving items between lists and much more)

App learns product order in aisles as you shop
Multiple, reusable lists
4 sort options
Item prices per list (for multiple store use)
Fully editable master list
Notes per item
2 tax options per item
Editable photos
Emails shopping lists
Outstanding item counter per list
Grand total item counter in app icon

ABC and Category Sorting in Prepare mode
Options to Zero or Remove all purchased items
Multiple add from Master List
Reported bugs fixed

Change order of categories (aisles)!
Shopping list export/import
Price comparisons
Intelligent coupons
Recipe-based lists
Synch support with other smart phones

We welcome your suggestions and want to hear from you! Please contact us directly with questions or concerns, because the review forum does not support replies from us.

For an unbiased and professional review visit or view our short demo at Also, be sure to follow our updates on twitter:

Grocery Gadget – Serious Shopping Simplified

Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping List