Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping List

Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping List$2.99 from Flixoft, Inc Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping List

We’ve taken the highest-ranking Grocery List application by MacWorld to the next level: Grocery Gadget for the family is finally here! Best of all, the price stays the same and upgrading from the personal edition is FREE.

All the features you know and love are still there! Make simple and quick lists, or use the Prepare/Shop reusable list mode to keep each store’s auto-learned products and prices in same sequence.

Good News! You can now share and sync your lists with multiple iPhones, iPod Touches, and even desktops. Our sync technology (similar to the MobileMe syncing technology) lets everyone in your group use the same information. Create a sync group from your app or from the web portal. Tell your group members the name and password so they can join from their iPhone and iPod Touch, or from a web browser. So for example, if you need you make list changes in your iPhone at home, changes will instantly appear in your spouse’s iPhone at the grocery store, and vice versa!

Prefer using a desktop to create shopping lists instead of your iPhone or iPod Touch? You’ll love the FREE companion web portal! Sign Up from iPhone or iTouch and then use your Group Name to Sign In to portal to manage your shopping lists (cloning, merging, moving items between lists and much more)

App learns product order in aisles as you shop
Multiple, reusable lists
4 sort options
Item prices per list (for multiple store use)
Fully editable master list
Notes per item
2 tax options per item
Editable photos
Emails shopping lists
Outstanding item counter per list
Grand total item counter in app icon

ABC and Category Sorting in Prepare mode
Options to Zero or Remove all purchased items
Multiple add from Master List
Reported bugs fixed

Change order of categories (aisles)!
Shopping list export/import
Price comparisons
Intelligent coupons
Recipe-based lists
Synch support with other smart phones

We welcome your suggestions and want to hear from you! Please contact us directly with questions or concerns, because the review forum does not support replies from us.

For an unbiased and professional review visit or view our short demo at Also, be sure to follow our updates on twitter:

Grocery Gadget – Serious Shopping Simplified

Grocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping ListGrocery Gadget Sync Shopping List


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