i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer

i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer$14.99 from AL Software i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer

i41CX+ is an advanced programmable and expandable RPN scientific calculator with a virtual thermal printer/plotter. i41CX+ is functionally equivalent to the world-renowned HP-41CX and supports over 200 built-in functions and contains 319 registers of main memory for storing data, programs, alarms, and user-defined key assignments. It also contains 600 extended memory registers for storage of data, text, and program files. The large number of registers combined with programmability, makes the 41CX+ an extremely powerful scientific calculator suitable for a wide variety of scientific, engineering, mathematical, financial, and technical applications.

• RPN logic with a 4 element deep memory stack
• Powerful and rich set of numerical, mathematical, and statistical functions
• Time, calendar, alarm, and stopwatch functions
• Alphanumeric display that enables interactive programmable functions
• User definable keyboard: frequently used functions and programs can be assigned to user chosen keys for quick and easy execution
• Program, data, and text file operations in extended memory with built-in text editor function
• Expandability: four module ports provide access to additional functions using expansion pacs that can be downloaded from the web (e.g. at http://www.hp41.org)
• Program features: automatic line numbering, labels, branching, subroutines, interactive alphanumeric input/output, loop operations, indirect addressing, flag operations, and synthetic operations
• Sound support including synthetic tones
• Support for downloading, loading, saving, and emailing user programs, registers, and flags.
• Support for loading and saving calculator states and configurations.
• Support for keyboard overlays. 37 are included and users can create their own custom ones using the blank templates available at the i41CX+ product web page.
• Optional interface sounds
• Optional mini stack display
• Support for calculator skins
• User adjustable calculator speed, sound volume, and display contrast
• Option to use the iPhone keyboard for alphanumeric input, including in the built-in alphanumeric text editor
• States of the calculator and printer are retained across app launches.
• Calculator’s clock is synchronized with the iPhone clock
• Beautiful and clean user interface optimized for the portrait mode screen aspect ratio and to maximize the keypad area while still providing for a full featured scientific keypad

The virtual thermal printer/plotter supports printing, plotting, graphics, and special characters. The printer has three basic modes of operation. In manual mode the printer only prints when explicitly specified to do so by either the user or a program. In normal mode, the printer prints numbers and alphanumeric characters that are entered by the user, function names as they are executed from the keyboard, and output from print functions. In trace mode, the printer prints numbers and alphanumeric that are entered by the user, function names, intermediate and final answers, and output from print functions.

• Ability to control print color on a per line basis either via GUI color sliders or programmatically via the calculator’s highest numbered data register
• The state of the printer/plotter is retained across program launches
• Ability to save a JPEG snapshot of the virtual paper roll to the iPhone’s photo gallery. These can then be emailed or transferred to the computer and printed out on a real printer.

******* NOTE TO 1G iPOD TOUCH USERS *******
Sounds, including the key click sound, are only audible when played back through the headphones. To mitigate this limitation, i41CX+ supports an option to enable a “glow” key press feedback effect.

i41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printeri41CX+ RPN Calculator with Printer


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