mBox Mail – Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail$4.99 from mFluent, LLC mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

50% off sale for a limited time only.

mBox Mail is a fast, full-featured Hotmail client for iPhone and iPod Touch. It offers full access and control of your Windows Live Hotmail. From folder management to Windows Live Contacts – all with a slick user interface, great performance, and unparalleled ease of use.

– Handles multiple Hotmail accounts
– Move messages between folders
– Add, edit and delete folders
– Mail is kept in sync with the web including read/unread flags
– Access Windows Live Contacts
– Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized use
– Landscape mode support for all screens
– Message Search
– Support for large attachments
– Send and receive pictures
– Save pictures to photo album
– Embedded web browser
– Multiple language support
– Supports Windows Live custom domains

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“Probably the best app I’ve purchased. If you have a Hotmail account, you owe it to yourself to buy this app.” – kderoos

“This is one of my several killer apps for the iPhone. Works great for windows live email which is what my college uses. So now I have access on my iPhone for my college email.” – ctt1wbw

“I love it ! It is so much easier now to check my e mail” – ll Rich

mBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live MailmBox Mail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail

messa.tv episode #004
We began the show with a quick explanation of what happened with the special episode of messa.tv covering the DenDen Town Street Festa and we promised to go back some time in the near future. Hiro mentioned that I finally succumbed to

mBox Mail – Hotmail & Windows Live Mail 2.0 – Update | AppStore
Produttore: mFluent | Download Via: AppStore | Prezzo: 3,99€. | Utenti: Note: There is a rating embedded within this post, please visit this post to rate it. L’applicazione mBox Mail, una sorta di client per iPhone/iPod Touch che vi

10 best iPhone applications
It seems like a mandatory thing – own an iPhone, download a ton of apps (mostly free) and write about them on your blog. My turn. My Top Ten (this one goes to Eleven!) Evernote (free) – truly one of the best apps, Evernote is an

iPhoneItalia App Store Sales – 28 Marzo 2009 – Applicazioni in offerta
Il consueto appuntamento con App Store Sales, le occasioni da non perdere. Eccone alcune. mBox Mail – Categoria: Social network – Versione: 2.0 – 7,49€/3,99€. mBox mail è l’applicazione per gestire la posta hotmail ed i contatti live.

Making the iPhone work with HotMail
I’ve been a HotMail user for a number of years as the e-mail provider for DevCow.com. While I’ve always liked HotMail with the desktop Live Mail client and the web client, the mobile device access has always left me wanting.

AppStore Pricing
I just noticed that number 24 in the UK AppStore is mBoxMail – a Hotmail client for the iPhone. That’s impressive in its own right – you don’t see many non-entertainment app that high in the AppStore. But the really interesting thing is

Want Hotmail POP3 Support On Your iPhone? For Free?!? Not In THIS
Windowslive. Here’s another disadvantage to being an “ugly American:” You can’t set up your Hotmail account to be a POP3 server for your iPhone. Now, if you live in, say, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain,

Hotmail en el iPhone de forma nativa
Si tienes una cuenta en Hotmail y la quieres consultar en el iPhone de manera cómoda y sin tener que usar Safari, ya no necesitas ningún programa extra como mbox-mail. Parece que Microsoft ha cambiado Hotmail ofreciendo compatibilidad

mBoxMail for iPhone released – Hotmail and Windows Live Mail
image. Surely Microsoft’s Hotmail and Windows Live Mail are not the most popular mail services in the world (Google Mail is), but still many people have accounts there and would like to use them in iPhone.

Hotmail al’iPhone
Avui finalment he trobat la solució al problema de poder configurar el meu compte de Hotmail a l’iPhone. Sé que la opció fàcil hagués estat enviar un correu a tots els meus contactes que tinc de Hotmail i donar l’adreça de Gmail,


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