Todo+Cal+Sync$14.99 from Synthesis AG Todo+Cal+Sync

NEW: Now includes SyncML enabled, full featured calendar! Just swipe left+right to switch between todo, month, day and list views.

Todo+Cal+Sync (formerly Todo+Sync) is an advanced todo and calendar management application specifically designed for the iPhone.
It offers a simple visual interface to quickly access and organize multiple calendars, large lists of ideas, projects and things to do, while offering the full power of both hierarchically structured or free form categories/tags.
Complex tasks can be split up into subtasks (and further sub-sub tasks if needed) while monitoring overall completion status in the main todo entry.

Rich use of color allows grouping and highlighting todos and calendar entries in a way immediately recognizable at the first glance. Advanced tag-based navigation provides quick focusing to a topic of interest and related todo items or calendar events with a few taps. Todo lists can be sorted by due date, priority or tag. The calendar provides month, day and list views, which colored display of data from multiple calendars. With a few taps calendar categories can be hidden or shown in any calendar view.

The integrated SyncML client allows synchronizing tasks, calendar (and also the address book) with any SyncML compliant server or service. This includes various enterprise collaboration software as well as on-line personal information management services like GooSync, GroupWiseSync, mobical, Scheduleworld, O-Sync, and many more. Two modes allow including or excluding extended attributes (color, tag and todo hierarchies, geo tagging) into synchronisation encoded into the description text, depending on use case and server abilities.

Please be aware that the services listed above are third party offerings for which we are in no way responsible, and cannot provide support or guarantee particular features you might expect to be supported.
We have performed successful tests with the services we mention, but these are run by independent companies who can change their feature set, policies and conditions according to their own terms.
The power of SyncML as an open synchronisation standard lies in the independence from a particular service. On the other hand this includes the possibility of services claiming SyncML compatibility which do not really comply with the standard. We put great efforts into making our software work with as many different services as possible even then – within the limits of SyncML standard compliance.
So please check with the provider of the software or service you want to use our application with first whether they support it.

Please also note that the application cannot directly sync via iTunes with iCal or Outlook – the current iPhone SDK does not allow this. If you need synchronisation and don’t have a SyncML server in house, please use a SyncML compliant third party service of your choice (see suggestions above).

To get an impression how the application works, please visit the “Todo+Cal+Sync Support” page (link below), which features an introductionary video and a PDF short reference for download.

Note that due to current iPhone SDK limitations, reminders cannot be shown as alerts on the device (reminder time is however editable, to enable server-based reminders for example by SMS).

Planned for future versions:
• optional display of due todo items and anniversaries from contacts in the calendar views
• “smart” tags for location or time based grouping of entries: “nearby”, “next week” etc.
• additional views for todo and calendar
• improvements based on your feedback!


SyncML on iPhone, iFinally have that functionality
One of my major gripes about the iPhone has been its lack of syncML support. Also, Apple does not allow third party apps to modify data in the built-in calendar application. Ostensibly, because they want users to subscribe to their


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