G-Map U.S. West

March 27, 2009

G-Map U.S. West$24.99 from XRoad Co., Ltd. G-Map U.S. West

* Notice:
The routing map screen of version 1.3 is different from that of version 1.2. Please refer to the screen shots and ‘What’s new’ to check the changes. If you want to keep using the current map screen of version 1.2, please do not download the update.

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* Overview:
The G-Map is the first on-board GPS navigation software available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Unlike other network mobile navigation services, there is no monthly fee involved and it makes instant route guidance without interruption. No wireless connection needed to get you to the desired destination.

Dynamic POI search and next intersection preview capabilities allow users to find destinations and start their journeys, while a self-tracking feature monitors progression along the specified route. Further enhancing the application are a personal notes ability that allows user to change the information of the location searched, as well as 3-D imaging for interchanges in 28 metro areas in the U.S.

Version 1.3 includes a fun feature supporting a local-based game in which the driver picks up a point or a random item while driving as indicated by the application. When you create the route and start driving, you would see the “?” box on the bar at the top of the screen which shows you the next street. The color of bar will gradually change when the driver approaches to certain distance. The “?” box will be opened when the color change hits the box. If you drive successfully as guided by the application, the bar color will get completely changed and you will get the item. But if you make a wrong way, you cannot the get the item in the box.

Don’t forget: When you travel, take G-Map with you.

* Area Covered:
– Alaska
– Arizona
– Arkansas
– California
– Colorado
– Hawaii
– Idaho
– Illinois (Springfield and more; please check the website for more detailed area info)
– Iowa
– Kansas
– Louisiana
– Michigan (Marquette and more; please check the website for more detailed area info)
– Minnesota
– Mississippi
– Missouri
– Montana
– Nebraska
– Nevada
– New Mexico
– North Dakota
– Oklahoma
– Oregon
– South Dakota
– Tennessee (Memphis and more; please check the website for more detailed area info)
– Texas
– Utah
– Washington
– Wisconsin (La Crosse and more; please check the website for more detailed area info)
– Wyoming

* Main Features:
– On-board GPS navigation solution that needs no internet or Wi-Fi connection
– Map data from Navteq
– No Monthly Fee required unlike other network mobile navigation services
– Large-capacity map data enable easy search of desired location and route
– Real 3D View of intricate major urban intersections and highway junctions in 28 US cities
– Smart location search similar to internet search, using keyword search
– Automatic current location update through GPS tracking
– Manual current location update via cell tower or Wi-Fi
– Automatic re-routing when deviating from the route
– 3-Way Map view mode setting (North-up/Heading-up/3D view)
– Detailed information appear when touching any point of the map screen
– Flexible trip planning by adding as many waypoints as possible when creating route
– POI editing and memo capability for personalized POI
– Route preview provides optimal route to destination
– Search by phone number and latitude/longitude
– Phone number dial by POI (for iPhone)
– Next street name, remained time & distance, and current speed on the map screen while travelling
– Game features while travelling with random items (such as bell, 7 and cherry etc.)

G-Map U.S. WestG-Map U.S. WestG-Map U.S. WestG-Map U.S. WestG-Map U.S. West

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Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation Apps Already In App Store
It was found just recently that two apps for turn-by-turn GPS navigation are already available in the App Store. G-Map US West [$19.99] and G-Map US East [$19.99], which were released in October and January respectively,

Chinese Zodiac

March 27, 2009

Chinese Zodiac$2.99 from Hiratte Software Solution Chinese Zodiac

Do you know your fortune of year 2009?
Do you know what is your ideal job?
Do you know who is your best lover?
Do you know what is your lucky number?
Do you know what is your lucky flower?

The Chinese Zodiac is the most ancient system of customs and beliefs that existed many centuries ago in China. The Chinese Zodiac is a 12 year cycle. Each year of the 12 year cycle is named after one of the original 12 animals. Each animal has a different personality and different characteristics. The animal is believed to be the main factor in each person’s life that gives them their traits, success, and happiness in their lifetime.

Chinese Zodiac application for iPhone/iPod Touch is a chinese astrology/horoscopes application that converts your western birth date to chinese lunar birth date, and finds out your animal sign and gives a detailed report as following:-

1) Personality
2) Health
3) Career
4) Relationship
5) Lucky Month
6) Lucky Season
7) Lucky Gems
8) Lucky Colors
9) Lucky Numbers
10) Unlucky numbers
11) Lucky Positions
12) Lucky Flowers
13) Ideal Jobs
14) Most Compatible Lover’s Zodiac
15) Least Compatible Lover’s Zodiac
16) Year 2009 Fortune

This application aims to help people to term with their good and bad traits and rectify the negative qualities if they have any, so to lead happy and prosperous life.

Please visit our support site if you have any question, suggestion or feedback.

Chinese ZodiacChinese ZodiacChinese ZodiacChinese ZodiacChinese Zodiac


March 27, 2009

Doppler$0.99 from Erwin van Hunen Doppler

Doppler for iPhone and iPod Touch is an RSS reader that allows you to easily synchronize your Google Reader subscriptions to your device. Using Doppler you can read your subscribed RSS feeds on the go without needing to have an online connection using Safari. Just enter your google account and your google password, select the feeds you want to have downloaded and select the refresh button. Read your posts and the next time you press the refresh button Doppler will mark the posts as read on Google Reader too, so you will not have to read the same post twice.

NEW: Try before you buy. Check out DopplerLite, available for free. It is functionally similar this version just limited to maximum 5 feeds and is ad supported.

If you have any issues with Doppler, do not hesitate to contact me. I -will- reply.

Click ‘Doppler Support’ below for release notes of the current and upcoming versions.


Topp 10 iPhoneprogram
Visst är jag präst och skriver en hel del om tro på den här bloggen (så ofta jag nu skriver), men jag är också sen barnsben en riktig liten (mindre liten nu, kanske) nörd. Och kan därför inte hålla mig ifrån att skriva om några av mina

Doppler: Google Reader iPhone application
I should’ve spent some more time with the updated “Feeds” application before speaking of it’s greatness. It’s integration of Google Reader is not very good at all. It is much better at handling feeds on it’s own.


March 27, 2009

iInventory$3.99 from Thomas Kilmer iInventory

Anyone that wishes to download the free Mac version for iInventory can download it from http://kilmersoftware.com/KSiInventory.zip
It can only be run on Leopard. Keep checking back for information about the version for Windows.

Are you prepared in case of an emergency? If not, iInventory is the application for you. It carefully documents all important information about items around your home or office. This application was originally designed and used for hurricane Ike. It carefully documented all of the electronics around my home. Since then, many new features have been added to improve this application. It stores the model number, serial number, purchase date, cost, and purchase location. It also stores a copy of the receipt on the phone*. With this careful documentation, it is possible to make a claim with your insurance company**. Sync with iTunes to keep a safe back-up.

In case of a disaster, your items may not be safe to have documented on your home computer. Use this application to safely store your home or office inventory, and have it available at all times. If someone borrows any item, set-up a loan in the application. It will remind you who has your item, and when to expect it back.

iInventory supports:
-An image of the item or its receipt
-Take images with the camera or use existing images from the photo album (iPhone required for camera)
-Support for multiple categories
-Support for storing serial number, model number, purchase date, purchase location, cost, and much more!
-Support for loaning items (includes a simple borrow and loan system to track who is borrowing your items)
-Create your own templates to provide for better customization.
-Backup to Mobile ME for extra security
-Use the search function to find items matching certain criteria
-Add a PIN number to protect your data
-Local backups through wi-fi
-Download reports through wi-fi that can be exported to excel
-Use the Mac version (and soon Windows) to extend the features of this application (free additional software)
-Free updates for both the iPhone and Mac versions

This application brought me peace of mind, I hope it brings you some as well.

*This application does not replace storage of actual receipts. It is always a good idea to have hard-copies of all receipts and invoices

**Check with your insurance company to verify that this application stores enough information to file a claim. All insurance companies vary.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions, please email me at tlkilmer@sbcglobal.net. I will try to respond as quickly as possible, and provide the best support that I can.


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March 27, 2009

Passwd$0.99 from Thomas Kilmer Passwd

Ever wish you could store all of your passwords in one easy, secure location? Now you can! With this tool, you have access to all of your passwords and user IDs. Create a unique, master password, to keep your information safe. Back up to iTunes, to prevent loss. With this simple and affordable tool, you will always have access to your personal information.

This application uses security techniques to prevent someone to having access to your information. Once the master password is created, nobody has access to the information in this app without it. If your iPhone is stolen, do not worry. They will not have access to your passwords. Now, without fear, you can store all of your passwords in one handy location.

The web-browser is a great new feature, that allows instant access to the website, from the application.

The larger font size is here along with an organized password list. A couple new features are in the work for the next update. If you have a feature you want added in, contact me at tlkilmer@sbcglobal.net. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, contact me at that same email address.

Thank you everyone for making this app a success!



March 27, 2009

Search$4.99 from Polar Bear Farm Ltd Search

Search allows you to search your contacts by keyword.

Search contacts based on first name, last name, organisation, job title, department, notes, phone number, or email address.

Doesn’t the iPhone already have contact searching? Yes, however many people find the algorithm too basic for their needs. Search adds more sophisticated search algorithms, including quick search, which minimizes the keystrokes needed to find a contact:

Type the first letter of the persons first then start typing their last name. For example, if you were searching for Layton Duncan, you can just type ‘ldu’ Using this algorithm you can find contacts quickly with minimum key strokes.

Search also searches through more fields that the built in search function. It delves into phone numbers, email addresses, contact notes, and job title.

Download Search now at special introductory pricing!



March 27, 2009

StudyTools$1.99 from Thomas Kilmer StudyTools

A great and easy way to study for classes. It is an ideal addition to any student’s iPhone. It allows you to save up to 10 decks. You can add many features to the notecards to make it more helpful while you study. Use the cards to organize notes during presentations, or use them to study for a difficult exam. With the quiz mode, you can sort the cards in a random or sequential order. Make the most of your study time, get StudyTools!

With this application, you will save money, by not having to purchase flash cards!