Doppler$0.99 from Erwin van Hunen Doppler

Doppler for iPhone and iPod Touch is an RSS reader that allows you to easily synchronize your Google Reader subscriptions to your device. Using Doppler you can read your subscribed RSS feeds on the go without needing to have an online connection using Safari. Just enter your google account and your google password, select the feeds you want to have downloaded and select the refresh button. Read your posts and the next time you press the refresh button Doppler will mark the posts as read on Google Reader too, so you will not have to read the same post twice.

NEW: Try before you buy. Check out DopplerLite, available for free. It is functionally similar this version just limited to maximum 5 feeds and is ad supported.

If you have any issues with Doppler, do not hesitate to contact me. I -will- reply.

Click ‘Doppler Support’ below for release notes of the current and upcoming versions.


Topp 10 iPhoneprogram
Visst är jag präst och skriver en hel del om tro på den här bloggen (så ofta jag nu skriver), men jag är också sen barnsben en riktig liten (mindre liten nu, kanske) nörd. Och kan därför inte hålla mig ifrån att skriva om några av mina

Doppler: Google Reader iPhone application
I should’ve spent some more time with the updated “Feeds” application before speaking of it’s greatness. It’s integration of Google Reader is not very good at all. It is much better at handling feeds on it’s own.


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