Passwd$0.99 from Thomas Kilmer Passwd

Ever wish you could store all of your passwords in one easy, secure location? Now you can! With this tool, you have access to all of your passwords and user IDs. Create a unique, master password, to keep your information safe. Back up to iTunes, to prevent loss. With this simple and affordable tool, you will always have access to your personal information.

This application uses security techniques to prevent someone to having access to your information. Once the master password is created, nobody has access to the information in this app without it. If your iPhone is stolen, do not worry. They will not have access to your passwords. Now, without fear, you can store all of your passwords in one handy location.

The web-browser is a great new feature, that allows instant access to the website, from the application.

The larger font size is here along with an organized password list. A couple new features are in the work for the next update. If you have a feature you want added in, contact me at If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, contact me at that same email address.

Thank you everyone for making this app a success!



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