March 28, 2009

Baseball-Info$0.99 from Ram Nelakantan Baseball-Info

Are you addicted to Baseball? If you are, then you have come to the right
place. Baseball-Info brings the latest news about Baseball as it is happening right
to your iPhone/iPod Touch now. You don’t need to wait for the morning news to
read about your favorite team, players and game updates. Just pick up your iPhone/iPod Touch and it instantly delivers all the latest news and results in the Baseball world. Now you can really brag to your friends that you are the greatest Baseball fan ever!

Features include:
– Works with EDGE/3G/Wifi
– Choose how many items you would like to display on your application
– Choose your information from top websites in the Baseball world.
– Want to share the information that you read, yes you can by emailing the
link to any of your friends.
– Able to maintain your chosen website in the settings page and loads your favorite website information during startup.
– Now you can read the full story inside the application
– Caching support for offline reading



STAT ICD-9 2009

March 28, 2009

STAT ICD-9 2009$29.99 from Austin Physician Productivity, LLC STAT ICD-9 2009

NEW! – Save your favorite diagnosis codes for rapid access. It’s easy.

Why risk having claims denied due to improper diagnosis coding? Hundreds of new ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes went into effect on OCT 1, 2008 including new codes for MRSA, dozens of new headache codes, and a section for secondary diabetes. Additional codes codes have been revised or removed.

STAT ICD-9 2009 contains the complete set of 14,025 ICD-9-CM Short Descriptions (Version 26 Effective October 1, 2008 – diagnosis codes only).

Precise medical diagnosis coding is now at your fingertips. Developed by a practicing physician who does all his own ICD-9 coding, this new iPhone tool can be used with just one hand.

How much are you paying someone to do your diagnosis coding? How much do you lose when codes are not specific enough?

All of the current diagnosis codes are available for quick retrieval by disease classification in a drilldown format with no typing. Code to the highest level of specificity every time. There is no need to overuse nonspecific “NOS” codes that often do not meet medical necessity criteria. You’ll never be at a loss to rapidly find the most specific diagnosis code again.

STAT ICD-9 works faster because it gives you only the information that you need – the diagnosis name and the ICD-9 code.

However, don’t buy any coding tool unless you have had a chance to fully test it in your practice. Please try STAT ICD-9 LITE, the free version, which contains the 2008 ICD-9 codes. Then consider purchasing STAT ICD-9 2009 for the current codes, as published by CMS, effective October 1, 2008.

KEYWORDS: CPT, coding, billing, audit, ICD-9, EMR, charge, capture, drug, records, E/M, procedures, medicare, medcalc, drug, DSM

STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009STAT ICD-9 2009

iSpadez – A Spades Game

March 28, 2009

iSpadez - A Spades Game$2.99 from Arun Gopalan, Chandra Bose iSpadez - A Spades Game

iSpadez is a classic Spades game for the iPhone. You play a game of Spades with three virtual players of same intelligence. You can either team up with the robot sitting across you and play partnership or play solo (also known as cut-throat) where each player bids for himself.


Partner is dumb!
Some people complain they are loosing because partner is dumb, collects too many bags etc. Your partner and your opponents have the EXACT same logic. Have you guys ever wondered why your two ‘dumb’ opponents are winning?

Also, you can always play Solo and test your skills against the robots.


iSpadez offers more features and options than any Spades game on any platform!

iSpadez offers four types of Spades game –
1. Standard (Solo or Partnership) – A Standard Game of Spades with a Standard Deck
2. Classic (Solo or Partnership) – A game with Big and Small Joker
3. Suicide – A game were both the teams must have at least 1 nil bidder each
4. Mirror (Solo or Partnership) – A game were you can only bid exactly as many spades as you have
5. Bag Em (Solo or Partnership) – A game were you bid 1 and sandbag the opponents
6. Deuces High (Solo or Partnership) – A game were all the four deuces are replaced with a Joker and the deck thus has four Jokers – Big, Small, 2 Diamonds, 2 Spades.

Here is a complete list of features. We do not think any Spades offers this many features. If you want a new feature just email us and we will implement it, we have designed the game with excellent design techniques to be able to add new games easily!

1. Three robots play with you. The robot sitting across co-operates in achieving your team bids and expects the same from you.
2. Nice animations express the events in the game.
3. Games get saved and can be resumed if you stop the application to attend a call
4. The scoring details can be viewed anytime during the game.
5. Customizable game rules via iPhone Settings
Enable/disable Nil bids or change the target score via your iPhone settings.
Enable/disable Sandbags.
Enable/disable Blind Nils
Change target score
Enable/disable ‘Spades whenever’

For changing iSpadez game settings –

1. Go to your iPhone home screen
2. Click on Settings – here you will see a separate section for iSpadez showing your current game settings.


Up Next –

Version 2.1.1
Solo (cut-throat)

Version 2.2
Online Play!

iSpadez - A Spades GameiSpadez - A Spades GameiSpadez - A Spades Game


March 28, 2009

Flights$2.99 from UnitConvertr Flights

Flights lets you track the status of flights with elegant and intuitive interface. Currently you can check the status of all flights flying to and from US & Canada. You can get live status of your flights with minute by minute live maps, scheduled and delay timings, Aircraft info, Speed and Altitude of En Route flights etc.

You can search for flights by flight number or by route (between two airports) and track the flights of your interest. Our flight details screen presents you with information like Scheduled departure and Arrival info, delay information if any, Speed and Altitude of En Route flights and great looking maps. All the flight data shown in the application from FlightView, a very reliable data source for flight information.


* Check live Flight Status
* Great Flight Tracker with live maps including live weather radar
* Live maps you can move around and expand the image by pinching
* Horizontal View that mimics the flight tracking systems you see in flights
* Displays Departure & Arrival timings including delays & cancellations
* Search for Flights by Flight Number or Route and filter the results by Airline
* Track and refresh data for multiple flights from a single screen
* Tracks Flights one month in advance
* Older flights are automatically hidden reducing the clutter
* Good database of Airlines & Airports
* Remembers your recently used airlines and Airports for quick searches
* Track all Flights arriving and departing from US & Canada
* Future support for Gate, Terminal & Baggage info etc

The Flight Status screen has great information revealing information about the flight along with the live maps at the background. You can hide the flight information section to reveal the map alone. You can move the map around and zoom in to see the information in additional detail. If you turn the iPhone horizontally, the application mimics the television screen showing you the live map with a rich set of information. Apart from the map, the flight tracker screen also shows Speed and Altitude information about the flight. The maps also include live weather information.

The application is powered by the data gathered from FlightView, a very reliable source for flight tracking. The application currently doesn’t provide Terminal & Gate Information. We plan to include this information in future version. This application will keep getting better with more features and data. If you’d like to see any improvements in the application, please email us at

The application needs internet connectivity to obtain information.

This is a must have travel app for your travel.


CheckPlease Lite – Tip Calculator

March 28, 2009

CheckPlease Lite - Tip Calculator$0.00 from Catamount Software CheckPlease Lite - Tip Calculator

Checkplease is the top tip application on AppStore for calculating the tip or splitting a bill between multiple people.

“Absolutely the best App! I have used it everyday for over 6 months…love it!” ★★★★★ – Edtheshark

“Far superior to any other tip calculator (I tried a few.)” ★★★★★ – iGabby

“If you look around and compare all of the apps that do what this one does, this one STANDS ALONE!!! I wish all of the apps were done as proper as this one – my wife and I both use it all of the time.” ★★★★★ – aruble69

Features include:
✔ Quick and accurate calculation of tip.
✔ Option to not tip on the tax.
✔ Round tip, round total, and ability to always round up.
✔ Split the bill among multiple people.
✔ Uses your local currency or optionally pick a currency.
✔ Post the amount of the bill directly to PocketMoney. (Download PocketMoney LITE. It’s free.)

(* When redesigning CheckPlease for 3.0, I looked at all of the other tip calculators on the AppStore. Each had features I liked, and each had features I disliked I took combined features from several of them. BigTipper (keypad), TipTap (side-by-side scrollers), and Tip (Exact/Round selector and layout, but there’s only so many ways to fit a keypad and side-by-side scroller on the screen).

CheckPlease™ has been calculating tips for users since 1995 starting with the Newton OS, migrated to the Palm OS, and now the iPhone OS.

Graphic design by Image Limited, Ltd

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: There are some reviewers posting that CheckPlease is calculating the tip wrong. CheckPlease is calculating the tip correctly and does not tip on tax if you have a tax rate set. If you think it is calculating something wrong, then contact me at or in the forums, and I’ll help you.

The most common error users have is they have rounding turned on, or they have a tax rate set.

CheckPlease Lite - Tip CalculatorCheckPlease Lite - Tip CalculatorCheckPlease Lite - Tip Calculator


March 28, 2009

Cocktails+$2.99 from Skorpiostech, Inc. Cocktails+

The Authoritative Cocktail Reference for the iPhone

Cocktails+ lovingly presents over 2,000 contemporary and classic mixed drink recipes drawn from critical sources spanning two centuries. Every recipe includes a full citation as well as ingredient descriptions and substitution information. Recipes are categorized by base spirit, drink type, flavor, and other characteristics and can be filtered by name and ingredient through search.

Other features:

– No “noise”; all recipes were vetted by experts and nearly all have been published
– Contemporary Masters program presents cutting-edge recipes from esteemed mixologists
– Imperial (ounces or gills) and metric (centiliters or milliliters) units
– Mark favorites for future reference
– Share recipes with friends via email and Twitter



March 28, 2009

Budget$1.99 from Deskescape Budget

Budget helps you track your spending and keep to a budget. You can easily see your total income and your total expenses for a period, plus which expenses you are spending the most on and which expenses you are going over budget on.

Tap on a category total to quickly add a transaction.

– Simple transaction and budget entry
– Share transactions between iPhones
– Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, twice a month budgeting
– Budget rollover & budget transfers
– Recurring Expenses/Incomes
– CSV Data Export
– Data Backup and Restore
– Password Protection
– Expenses vs budget graphing
– Highlighting of over budget expenses
– Reminders for overdue expenses
– Yearly expense comparison
– Category sorting and customisation
– Currency Symbol read from Regional Format