iSpadez – A Spades Game

iSpadez - A Spades Game$2.99 from Arun Gopalan, Chandra Bose iSpadez - A Spades Game

iSpadez is a classic Spades game for the iPhone. You play a game of Spades with three virtual players of same intelligence. You can either team up with the robot sitting across you and play partnership or play solo (also known as cut-throat) where each player bids for himself.


Partner is dumb!
Some people complain they are loosing because partner is dumb, collects too many bags etc. Your partner and your opponents have the EXACT same logic. Have you guys ever wondered why your two ‘dumb’ opponents are winning?

Also, you can always play Solo and test your skills against the robots.


iSpadez offers more features and options than any Spades game on any platform!

iSpadez offers four types of Spades game –
1. Standard (Solo or Partnership) – A Standard Game of Spades with a Standard Deck
2. Classic (Solo or Partnership) – A game with Big and Small Joker
3. Suicide – A game were both the teams must have at least 1 nil bidder each
4. Mirror (Solo or Partnership) – A game were you can only bid exactly as many spades as you have
5. Bag Em (Solo or Partnership) – A game were you bid 1 and sandbag the opponents
6. Deuces High (Solo or Partnership) – A game were all the four deuces are replaced with a Joker and the deck thus has four Jokers – Big, Small, 2 Diamonds, 2 Spades.

Here is a complete list of features. We do not think any Spades offers this many features. If you want a new feature just email us and we will implement it, we have designed the game with excellent design techniques to be able to add new games easily!

1. Three robots play with you. The robot sitting across co-operates in achieving your team bids and expects the same from you.
2. Nice animations express the events in the game.
3. Games get saved and can be resumed if you stop the application to attend a call
4. The scoring details can be viewed anytime during the game.
5. Customizable game rules via iPhone Settings
Enable/disable Nil bids or change the target score via your iPhone settings.
Enable/disable Sandbags.
Enable/disable Blind Nils
Change target score
Enable/disable ‘Spades whenever’

For changing iSpadez game settings –

1. Go to your iPhone home screen
2. Click on Settings – here you will see a separate section for iSpadez showing your current game settings.


Up Next –

Version 2.1.1
Solo (cut-throat)

Version 2.2
Online Play!

iSpadez - A Spades GameiSpadez - A Spades GameiSpadez - A Spades Game


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