Custom Sounds of Life

Custom Sounds of Life$0.99 from Zachary Carter Custom Sounds of Life

Custom Sounds of Life

Custom Sounds of Life is an amazing way to create and customize your everyday life sounds from a busy city to a relaxing outdoor park.

With this application, the sounds are only as good as you make them.

For example,

Ever wanted to listen to the perfect City Ambiance?

Simply, tap the “ON” button to turn on the walking and chatting pedestrians..but wait! It’s not over! Turn on the traffic, the subway, and more simultaneously! Customize their volume levels to make the sound perfect for your ears, sit back, and relax.

Currently Included:
-In the City
City Traffic
Pedestrian Chatter
Occasional Church Bell
Passing Subway Train

-Outside Park
Dogs Barking
Children Laughing and Playing
Jet flying by

-Lonesome Distant Night Train
Train passing off in the distance
Occasional low echo train whistle
Blustery Wind
Light Highway Traffic

-Winter Night
Sound of Blizzard
Hum of a warm furnace
Ticking of a wind-up alarm clock
Glistening Chimes

It’s as easy as 123!

Not your favorite sound(s)? Try Custom Sounds of Nature also Available on iTunes!

PLEASE: Visit our support site at

We have a support section for Custom Sounds of Life on this website.

We would like to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

We will respond to any emails within 12 hours.

Thank you for writing CONSTRUCTIVE reviews in advance!

Custom Sounds of LifeCustom Sounds of LifeCustom Sounds of LifeCustom Sounds of LifeCustom Sounds of Life


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