Puzzle Thema Heimweh to Hell

Puzzle Thema Heimweh to Hell$3.99 from HINZ Steuerungs- & Datentechnik Puzzle Thema Heimweh to Hell

Heimweh to Hell
 (c) Uli Stein is a great jigsaw puzzle

For all people, who don‘t understand the german language
i am sorry, but „Heimweh (Homesickness) to hell“ from AC/DC its not available
I could swear, i heard it yesterday in the radio

It’s a joke, knows you the Song of AC/DC

Enjoy a different kind of puzzle!
Just take a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life!
You can play on a bus or train, in an airplane, a waiting room,
a car (but only as a passenger!) or on a long journey,
to relieve stress in the office or during boring meetings.
Heimweh to Hell is both enjoyable and relaxing.
It’s a bit difficult to describe how it works, you simply have to give it a go and see for yourself.
But this much we can explain:
Shake it once and a stack will form.
Shake it again and a random number of stacks will form in different positions. Different again on every second shake.
Each stack contains one or more pictures.
Pull a picture to an available position and start to do the puzzle.
However, you can also create your own stack – take a part of the puzzle from the overall picture and put it in another one.
Start first with one stack and then make 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
The possibilities for variation are virtually unlimited.
Thus, you can set your own level.
Here’s a tip:
The last picture to be added to a stack is always the second in the stack.
Try it and see.
This is absolutely great fun and never gets boring.

Puzzle Thema Heimweh to HellPuzzle Thema Heimweh to HellPuzzle Thema Heimweh to HellPuzzle Thema Heimweh to HellPuzzle Thema Heimweh to Hell

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