March 30, 2009

Coupon$0.00 from Ethan Productions Coupon

Every few hours, sometimes many times within an hour, a new coupon with a special deal will be shown to you. It could be 20% off at your favorite clothing store, a buy one get one free offer, or discounts on shipping at your favorite online retailer. The beauty is, you never know what might pop up! You’ll have a very limited amount of time to act on the offer, so if you see something you like, just touch the screen to get more details quickly. If you want a new offer, just close the application and reopen it 30 minutes later and you’ll find something completely new.

REQUIREMENTS: Any internet connection (such as WiFi, 3G, Edge) to download the daily quote.


Gratis apps i en begrænset periode på AppStore – 2403
Okay der står 2403,,, men igen en dag forsinket sorry According to Ruth $.99. According to Ruth $.99. LANGUAGES: Diagnostics $1.99. Diagnostics $1.99


March 30, 2009

iStorage$5.99 from Lukas Foldyna iStorage

Ultimate iPhone and iPod Touch file manager and storage.

Access, view and edit your online files from iPhone/iPod Touch remotely or access, view and edit your iPhone/iPod Touch files from any computer – Mac, PC or Linux.

You can from your iPhone:
* access FTP, WebDAV and MobileMe iDisk easily,
* perform even multiple transfers and editing sessions simultaneously,
* download, upload, open and edit files remotely.
* downloading files from websites

Email folder or file from your iPhone
* you can send all your folders or files that you have on iPhone or even on remote storage
* you can use fast iStorage Server or own mail server
* folders will be zipped and sent same as file

You can from your Mac, PC or Linux:
* access your files on iPhone or iPod Touch easily (no software needed!)
* upload to, download from, open and edit files remotely

View and edit your files:
Edit text files and view graphics, watch movies, play music, read pdf, doc, presentations and more …

Wi-Fi access required to/from your iPhone/iPod Touch for access to your online files or connect to computer.



March 30, 2009

BlogPress$2.99 from Coollittlethings Studio BlogPress

BlogPress is the missing blogging App for iPhone. It is designed with rich features and easy to use. Write your blog or travel log on the road, share news and photos with your friends in real time!!

“There were a lot of things I enjoyed about this app, the first being able to publish both images and text together on a single post …”

— Reviews from

BlogPress have some highlighted features you must know:

* A mini Rich-text, WYSIWYG editor: BlogPress editor is as easy as Word. Placing your photos anywhere in the text is now a few taps away!! even you don’t know html code. The posts will look the same as your editing.

* No limitation and easy-to-use photo uploader. You can upload MORE THEN ONE photo in a single post to any supported platform. Photos will be uploaded either to your own Picasa Web Album or to BlogPress Public Album hosted by us. Thumbnails will be auto generated and link to the full size images.

* Write once, multiple posts: By just one click!! you can send the same post to multiple blogs at various platforms. If you have more than one blog, this will definitely be a handy feature for you.

* Landscape editing mode: Allow you input your article with “big finger” landscape keyboard.

**** How to enter landscape mode ***
1. Click editor of BlogPress, the keyboard will be showed up, 2. rotate your iPhone/iPod touch to enter landscape editing mode.
3. When you finish editing, rotate it back.

Other features:

* Support most of the mainstream blog platforms:
– Blogger / BlogSpot
– MSN Live Spaces
– WordPress
– Movable Type
– TypePad
– LiveJournal
– Drupal
– Joomla
We are working and testing on other platforms. Send us an email if you wish us to prioritize your blog platform.

* Support full options of blog, labels/tags, categories, publish date and online draft(private post)

* Support image thumbnail resize, alignment and links.

* Simple and elegant desinged, clear and no confusing interface, easy to use, no need to learn. The buttons display only when you need it.

* Automatically save your draft in case a phone call comes in while you are blogging.

* Save drafts on the way, post them when online.

* Manage multiple blogs. Easily write, edit and delete your posts and drafts.

* Support blog signature customization.

* Support secure HTTPS connection

* Support WiFi, 3G and EDEG networks

* 100% clear, no ads or external links will be post to your blog



March 30, 2009

Ruler$0.00 from DAVA Consulting Ruler

Now you can use your iPod touch or iPhone as a ruler. How to do that? It’s quite simple! You can measure any object by placing it on the device screen or just next to it.
By moving each line limiter one after another you can get a more accurate measurement.
In addition it is possible to switch between centimeters and inches on the information screen.
Ruler always saves your latest measurement and you can turn back to it any time.

If you have any suggestions of how to make our application better and more convenient, just let us know because we are always open to communication and new ideas.