iStorage$5.99 from Lukas Foldyna iStorage

Ultimate iPhone and iPod Touch file manager and storage.

Access, view and edit your online files from iPhone/iPod Touch remotely or access, view and edit your iPhone/iPod Touch files from any computer – Mac, PC or Linux.

You can from your iPhone:
* access FTP, WebDAV and MobileMe iDisk easily,
* perform even multiple transfers and editing sessions simultaneously,
* download, upload, open and edit files remotely.
* downloading files from websites

Email folder or file from your iPhone
* you can send all your folders or files that you have on iPhone or even on remote storage
* you can use fast iStorage Server or own mail server
* folders will be zipped and sent same as file

You can from your Mac, PC or Linux:
* access your files on iPhone or iPod Touch easily (no software needed!)
* upload to, download from, open and edit files remotely

View and edit your files:
Edit text files and view graphics, watch movies, play music, read pdf, doc, presentations and more …

Wi-Fi access required to/from your iPhone/iPod Touch for access to your online files or connect to computer.


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