Girlfriend Caller

Girlfriend Caller$0.00 from FRANCISCO ADARVE-MARTIN Girlfriend Caller

*NOTE: We’ve had inquiries about using this to call 911 or other emergency numbers. To do this, you have to set up a 911 or emergency contact and then add it to the application. You can use “1 Click Call” as the generic version for that as well.


*UPDATE: Check out “BF Caller” and “1 Click Call” by Hai Nguyen!

GFCaller is a way to let your special someone know that she or he is important to you. Sweetheart lets you set up your lover’s phone number so that you can call the person immediately in just one click. No phone book. No favorites. Just her (or him).

Reasons to have it:
– Fastest dialing possible
– Safest dialing possible when driving
– Least attention needed to make call
– Track number of times you’ve called her
– Complete privacy for you and her
– Add it to yours and her iPhones
– Courtesy of “The Fastest Apps Ever”

Girlfriend Caller

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