GymGoal Lite

GymGoal Lite$3.99 from SmalTek GymGoal Lite

GymGoal Lite is a comprehensive fitness application that combines functionality of many other apps without compromising quality.

Our bodies are made for action, but the modern lifestyle robs us of physical activity, and this causes cardio diseases and other serious health problems.

Are you ready for action? If so, let’s get going!

GymGoal Lite can substitute a human trainer. Its database includes 250 exercises. Simply choose a body part, tap on an exercise, and you are presented with pictures, animations, step by step instructions and performance tips. You can also search by name, equipment type, movement type, difficulty level, or combination of all above. If you don’t see an exercise you like, just add your own.

Do you want to change your workout routine, or you don’t have one yet? Our fitness experts have included 39 routines, adjusted to four levels of expertise from Beginner to Expert, which can be done using three different types of equipment. You can further adjust these routines, or add your own routines.

Want to track your progress? Tap the Log button and easily record your progress.

GymGoal Lite workout tracking system is very flexible and powerful. You can log separate exercises or routines, or easily mix these two methods. You can mix cardio and resistance exercises. You can edit your past logs and even move them to different dates. You can add notes to your logs, and reuse your past notes.

Your data is presented to you in several easy to understand forms. In fact, you can review your workout on any date in the past, and you can track your progress for any exercise. Tables and charts (graphs) show your progress for many parameters like One-rep Max, total weight lifted, time, distance, heart rate, and more.

If you want to further analyze your logs, they can be sent to your email in a tab-delimited text file, ready for import into any spreadsheet.

You can backup all your data to our server. If anything happens to your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will be able to restore all your data. This feature is completely free and not limited in time.

As an additional bonus feature, GymGoal Lite gives you several fitness calculators. Why litter your iPhone with all those apps that only track one number? With GymGoal Lite you can calculate BMI, BMR, Body Fat Percentage, and One Rep Max. All this data is saved to the database, and you can use tables and charts to track your progress. Additionally GymGoal Lite tracks your weight that you enter in BMI and BMR calculators.

GymGoal Lite provides you stability and premium features that are heads above the competition.


+ 250 resistance (strength training) exercises, plus 24 cardio exercises. You can add your own exercises.
+ Animations*, illustrations, step by step instructions and performance tips.
+ Ability to add your pictures to any exercise.
+ 39 workout routines, adjusted for 4 levels of expertise and 3 different equipment types. You can add your own routines.
+ Comprehensive tracking system for strength and cardio workouts.
+ One-rep Max, BMI, BMR, Body Fat Percentage calculators and progress tracking.
+ Progress tables and graphs are provided for everything, from workout logs to calculators.
+ Ability to send workout logs to your email.
+ Ability to back up your data to (free) to prevent any data loss.

* Animations are online, but can be cached on your device.


+ the most comprehensive all-in-one fitness application
+ extremely customizable and expandable
+ easy to use well-designed interface
+ unparalleled attention to quality and details
+ continuously upgraded and maintained system

GymGoal LiteGymGoal LiteGymGoal LiteGymGoal LiteGymGoal Lite


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