April 1, 2009

MarcoPolo$0.00 from AC Ideas Corporation MarcoPolo

MarcoPolo is the best way to connect with all of your Facebook friends. Let your friends know where you are with MarcoPolo, no matter where you go!

Finally, you have the ability to connect with your Facebook friends and show them exactly where you are! Using MarcoPolo, you are able to leverage the built-in GPS and geo-location abilities of your iPhone and show your friends exactly where you are. Want to meet up with friends at a party or show? Feel like seeing where that long lost buddy is hanging out these days so you can give them a shout? Need to get help fast but don’t know how to describe where you are? MarcoPolo is perfect for each of these situations and more. Read through our common uses and features and you’ll see that MarcoPolo is the best geo-location based social networking tool available!

Common uses:

– Get driving directions to meet one of your friends
– See who else is at the same concert or party as you
– Easily find your way to a friend who is in trouble
– Show someone how to get to you even if you can’t describe your location
– Meet up easily with friends who don’t know how to give or take driving directions
– Connect with friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time, when you realize they are just around the corner, or even in the same cafe!


– Location updates strictly at app launch allow you to decide when and where you want to be found
– Equal settings mean that if people can see your location, you can see theirs too
– Update your Facebook status and see your friends’ status right in MarcoPolo
– Get directions from where you are to where your friends are
– Save your Facebook friends’ contact information right into your address book, including their status photo
– E-Mail, call or SMS friends who have input their information through convenient links in the application

Please note: MarcoPolo and AC Ideas are in no way affiliated with Facebook.


70 aplicaciones de iPhone para usuarios de redes sociales
social_networking_sites Es indudable el potencial social que puede tener el iPhone aparte que hace llamadas y todo eso para quienes tienen un acercamiento un poco mas Motorola Startac en este aspecto. Hay de todo desde redes sociales

iPhone Social Networking Apps Using iPhone’s GPS/Cell phone towers
Active Eagle – Keep your Yahoo Fire Eagle account updated by using this app to send your location via the iPhone’s GPS. Bliin – A social network that allows you to constantly update your location so other members can see where you are

70+ Free iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens
[via mashable] While many people think of social media in terms of their computer, the iPhone and iPod Touch guarantee that you can interact anytime, anywhere. Mashable has gathered up over 70 apps that will help you stay in touch with

Holiday Countdown – w/Custom Recurring Events

April 1, 2009

Holiday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring Events$0.99 from Energize Software Holiday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring Events

Find out the dates, day of the week, and number of days until the next 25 upcoming U.S. holidays and special events with Holiday Countdown. In addition, you can add, edit and delete up to 150 of your own custom events including recurring events with customized colors.

– The holiday name, icon representing the holiday, days until the holiday, day of the week, and date of the holiday are displayed in a sorted list that can be scrolled with the closest future date always listed first.

– Add, edit, and delete up to 150 custom events through the year 2030. Custom events default to being displayed in red, but you can select from 12 alternate colors. By default when the date of a custom event has passed, it will display “expired” on the selection screens and will no longer display on the main screen.

– Optionally select a custom event as a recurring event and it will reschedule itself weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, every month or every year. You can delete any custom event or edit the event to one in the future. Great for adding a repeating event such as a birthday, anniversary, meeting, appointment, etc.

– Ability to import Birthdays from your contacts . Choose to import only new entries or also update previously imported birthdays.

– Change the background image from the included picture of Kauai to any image stored on your device. To see more of a background image, select fewer holidays to be displayed. To restore the original background picture of Kauai, hold down the “Change Picture” button for about 3 seconds until you receive an acknowledgement.

– In the program’s options, enable/disable the display of holiday icons, change the display to one of four fonts, and set the level of visual transparency of the event (So you can see more or less of the background image).

– All future holiday dates are automatically calculated so the results will be accurate for years.

– Selectively enable and disable which dates you would like to have displayed.

– Traditional Holidays include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Included Jewish holidays: Purim, Pesach, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukkah.

– Special Events include Daylight Saving Time start and end dates and Flag Day.

Note: While the ability to be notified of upcoming events without the program running is a requested feature, Apple does not allow a program to run in the background, so this is currently not possible. If Apple allows this ability in the future, it will be added to the program.

Additional features will be added, so we welcome your suggestions as to future enhancements. Check out our Web site at to see a video of Holiday Countdown in action or to leave your suggestions.

Holiday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring EventsHoliday Countdown - w/Custom Recurring Events


April 1, 2009

iDiscount$0.99 from Mobile Simplified iDiscount

Discount Sale … Shop

FREE FREE FREE — If you like this app then check out my other apps:

iFav Pizza
Gift Manager
Holiday List
Auto Loan / Lease Calculator

This application is a set of tools to make life easier while you shop at the store. Quickly figure out a discount or bundle deal value.

Have you ever been at the store for a really great sale and were trying to figure out what 40% of something is? Or, better yet, trying to figure out what taking an additional 10% off of something that is already 35% off? The Sale Tool of iDiscount does the math for you and in the tradition of the iPhone or iPod Touch, makes it really easy to use.

iDiscount also provides two additional tools on the unit price screen. The first tool is for use at the grocery store. When you are at the deli and trying to figure out what 1/2 lb. of Turkey costs, or what 2 1/2 lb. of Roast Beef would be. The Total Cost tool does the math for you.

Unit cost figures out what the individual price would be for sales that give you 2 for 1.

iDiscount is all about making everyday shopping math easy!!!


Credit Card Terminal

April 1, 2009

Credit Card Terminal$49.99 from Inner Fence, LLC Credit Card Terminal


Credit Card Terminal is featured in Apple’s recent small business ad campaign, including the new “Office” TV commercial. Watch the video and learn more:

*** $50 GIFT CARD OFFER ** APRIL 15-30 ***

Qualify for a $50 iTunes Gift Card when you purchase Credit Card Terminal and sign up for Authorize.Net through our website. Learn more:


Turn your iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal and accept customer payments when you’re on the go. It’s the simple, secure way to ensure you never miss a sale.

• Process away from your regular place of business
• Deal with declined cards on-site
• iPhone or iPod touch — no special hardware
• Requires Authorize.Net® to process charges
• Web Site:
• Email:


We offer a great merchant account, and we’re happy to share all our rates with you up front. If you have any further questions, call 1-800-895-4085.

$25/month, 19-24¢/transaction, 2.09% qualified, 3.79% non-qualified.

No yearly, setup, termination, minimum processing, application, “shipping”, or other hidden fees.

What’s qualified? US consumer credit and debit cards typically receive the qualified (lower) rate as long as you collect the zip code for verification.


• Easy one-time set up: your API Login ID and Transaction Key are collected once, tested, then stored securely in the Apple Keychain.

• Simple, fast entry of credit card number, expiration date, transaction amount, card security code, and zip code all on the main screen.

• Tap “More” to enter more info: email, phone number, first name, last name, address, city, state, country, invoice number, description.

• Fast transactions over cell networks (Edge/3G) or wireless internet (Wi-Fi).

• Increased fraud protection: supports Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Security Code (CVV2/CVC/CID).

• Instant feedback for approved or declined charges.

• Securely transmits card numbers directly to Authorize.Net using SSL encryption. Card numbers are not stored on your phone.

• Optional transaction history log keeps track of charges and allows refunds.

• Use Authorize.Net features like email receipts, QuickBooks integration, transaction history, and reports.

• Complete payment system when combined with one of our partner apps: Ring It Up (point of sale), Timewerks (invoicing), or MarginCalc (simple profit margin calculator).


We guarantee a response to tech support emails within 24 hours, and we generally reply in a couple of hours. So if you have any trouble setting things up, just email us at

Phone tech support is provided if you sign up for Authorize.Net through our web site.


Authorize.Net® is a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996, and the #1 provider in the US. You can use an existing Authorize.Net account if you already have one, or sign up through our web site. Use your account to:

• Accept payment on your iPhone
• Accept payment on your PC or Mac
• Accept payment on your web site



Credit Card Terminal is also known as CC Terminal or CCTerminal.

Credit Card TerminalCredit Card TerminalCredit Card TerminalCredit Card TerminalCredit Card Terminal

Timewerks Puts Mobile Billing Right to Work
timewerks mobile billing iphone app Well-crafted billing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch are as hard to find as a sinner on Sunday, but Sorth’s Timewerks: Mobile Billing is the best one I’ve come across.

New iPhone commercials highlight more useful apps
Section: Apple, Apple News, Commercials, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone SDK & Apps. Apple has created and is now airing three more of their clever iPhone commercials. These three ads are no different than all of the prior ads that showcase some

iPhone Ad Breakdown: Itchy, Office, Student
Apple has started showing three new TV spots in the “There’s an app for that” series. These new ads focus on the outdoors, small business, and college students. Here’sa breakdown of the three apps highlighted in each ad.

Tre nuovi spot per iPhone
Dopo Fix e Check, ecco tre nuovi spot dedicati al telefono con la mela che esaltano facilità d’uso, completezza ed utilità in pochi e convincenti secondi. Student, il primo dei tre, passa in rassegna Apartments (gratuita ma disponibile

Three New iPhone Ads!!!
iBird Explorer+. Monday Apple released three new iPhone ads in their “there’s an App for that” ad campaign bringing the total up to 8. The three new ads are titled: Itchy, Office, and Student. Itchy is a nature based commercial which

Apple Unleashes 3 New “There’s an App for That” iPhone Commercials
Turned on my TV last night and what did I see? A new iPhone commercial showing off apps to me! Still on the “There’s an App for That” theme, these new commercials are titled Itchy, Office, and Student. Here’s the list and the iTunes App

Apple Posts Three New iPhone Ads
Apple has posted three new iPhone ads: Itchy, Office, and Student. Itchy features apps being used on while on a nature walk: – Compass Go – iBird Explorer Plus – How To Videos from Office features apps being used for sales

Apple ievietojuši 3 jaunus iPhone video ads
“Itchy” Lietotās programmas: – Compass Go – iBird Explorer Plus – How To Videos from “Office” Lietotās programmas: – Credit Card Terminal – Print & Share – FedEx Mobile for iPhone. “Student” Lietotās programmas:

Apple Releases Three New iPhone Ads: 'Itchy', 'Office', and 'Student'
Apple today posted three new iPhone commercials to their ad gallery. – Itchy features three apps linked by the common theme of being used on a nature walk: Compass Go [App Store, $1.99], iBird Explorer Plus [App Store, $19.99],

3 новых рекламных ролика от Apple для iPhone
Itchy us: вошли CompassGo($1.99), iBird Explorer Plus($19.99) и Howcast Videos(Free). Office us: вошли Credit Card Terminal($49.99), Print and Share($6.99) и FedEx Mobile(Free). Student us: вошли Apartments(Free), SnapTell(Free) и

Vegas Mate

April 1, 2009

Vegas Mate$4.99 from Vegas Media Group Vegas Mate

The best of Las Vegas, in your pocket.

Read, write and share reviews of your favorite hotels, restaurants and shows with other Vegas Mate users.

Vegas Mate is an interactive, location-aware city guide for Las Vegas, NV from the publishers of

Over the past 10 years we’ve been building a database of ratings and reviews that you can now carry with you on your trip. Want to add your two cents? Submit your own review that will be shared with everyone, right on the spot!

With the hundreds of choices in Las Vegas, Vegas Mate puts you in the driver’s seat.

We cover The Strip, Downtown, and many off-Strip casinos along with the almost 500 restaurants, shows and nightclubs inside them. Become a more educated tourist!


• Read, write and share reviews for hundreds of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and shows in Las Vegas.
• See what’s nearby (and know if it’s any good) at a glance.
* Filter restaurants by cuisine or cost.
• Vegas Mate is updated regularly with the latest restaurants, hotels and nightclubs, just like Las Vegas. User reviews update over the air to allow you to quickly share your opinions with other users.
• Looking for late night food? We show you the restaurants that are open nearby if you need a late night bite.
• Expert Help feature includes information on tipping, climate, the ‘$20 trick’ as well as other travel tips – become an expert yourself!
• Call the hotels and restaurants with a single tap (iPhone only).
• Show all locations quickly on a map.

An online screen cast is here:

Have a question? Want to suggest a feature or correction? Check our support page for more information.

New content is added on a regular basis – for the latest info, make sure you’ve installed all updates.

For future free updates, features will include iPhoneOS 3.0 specific capabilities like better built-in maps, new content items like restaurant menus and more. We’re just getting started!

Vegas MateVegas MateVegas MateVegas MateVegas Mate

Spend Lite – Personal Budgeting

April 1, 2009

Spend Lite - Personal Budgeting$0.00 from Spend Lite - Personal Budgeting

Spend Lite is the free version of Spend, a simple, easy to use budget manager. Spend Lite allows you to create an unlimited number of daily or weekly budgets; the full version allows for an unlimited number of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or yearly budgets.

Keep track of your money with Spend, a quick and easy-to-use personal budget tracker. Create daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly budgets in categories that you define [Lite version limited to 5 weekly budgets], and enter new expenses in seconds with a few touches of your finger. Spend travels with you on your iPhone or iPod Touch and does not require internet access, so you can enter your purchases before you even leave the mall or grocery store!

Spend is perfect for people who like to budget their money but don’t want to bother with using a full-blown money management application.

You can also export your data to a CSV file, which can be opened in most spreadsheet applications including Excel and Numbers.

Spend supports the display of all international currencies that the iPhone and iPod support- just make sure your Region Format is set accordingly in the Settings app.



Spend Lite - Personal BudgetingSpend Lite - Personal BudgetingSpend Lite - Personal BudgetingSpend Lite - Personal Budgeting

Vols Football

April 1, 2009

Vols Football$0.00 from Philip Kirkham Vols Football

Follow along during Lane Kiffin’s inaugural season with the Tennessee Volunteers.

Vols Football is a University of Tennessee football schedule for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It provides up-to-date kickoff times, television info and game results. Go Vols!

Vols FootballVols FootballVols FootballVols Football

Yellow Pages

April 1, 2009

Yellow Pages$0.00 from Avantar LLC Yellow Pages

Note: We appreciate your suggestions and customer service questions directed to Please keep them coming. You help to make our apps better.

We are the Yellow Pages for your iPhone® & iPod touch®. Yellow Pages auto locates where you are and gives you relevant search results based on your location. Compare Yellow Pages to other applications and you’ll quickly realize why our OneTap® search and usability optimization technology saves you valuable time and is easier to use. It also includes quick search shortcuts for most commonly used terms. Similar applications make you type out almost everything you are searching for, and your location. Use the Yellow Pages once and you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

This YellowPages application is owned by Avantar, a sister company to Yellow Pages Directory. With years of experience in the interactive yellow pages industry, our mobile application is hands-down a must-have 1st screen app for your mobile device.

– Auto detects your current location
– Interactive map with driving directions to each business
– Modify your default location with one tap
– Results are displayed for businesses in your vicinity
– Tap on the plus sign to add business info to your Contacts
– Tap on the map for driving directions
– Business phone numbers with a single tap-to-call option
– Quick Searches: Shortcuts for most commonly used search terms like Pizza, Auto Services, Doctors, Restaurants, etc.

– iPhone
– iPod touch: Since the iPod touch’s online connection is limited to WiFi, you may have to manually set your location

– United States
– Other: Some features may not work properly and may require that you set the location

– OneTap Movies
– Munch
– Showtimes
– AirYell

Yellow PagesYellow PagesYellow PagesYellow PagesYellow Pages