Credit Card Terminal

Credit Card Terminal$49.99 from Inner Fence, LLC Credit Card Terminal


Credit Card Terminal is featured in Apple’s recent small business ad campaign, including the new “Office” TV commercial. Watch the video and learn more:

*** $50 GIFT CARD OFFER ** APRIL 15-30 ***

Qualify for a $50 iTunes Gift Card when you purchase Credit Card Terminal and sign up for Authorize.Net through our website. Learn more:


Turn your iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal and accept customer payments when you’re on the go. It’s the simple, secure way to ensure you never miss a sale.

• Process away from your regular place of business
• Deal with declined cards on-site
• iPhone or iPod touch — no special hardware
• Requires Authorize.Net® to process charges
• Web Site:
• Email:


We offer a great merchant account, and we’re happy to share all our rates with you up front. If you have any further questions, call 1-800-895-4085.

$25/month, 19-24¢/transaction, 2.09% qualified, 3.79% non-qualified.

No yearly, setup, termination, minimum processing, application, “shipping”, or other hidden fees.

What’s qualified? US consumer credit and debit cards typically receive the qualified (lower) rate as long as you collect the zip code for verification.


• Easy one-time set up: your API Login ID and Transaction Key are collected once, tested, then stored securely in the Apple Keychain.

• Simple, fast entry of credit card number, expiration date, transaction amount, card security code, and zip code all on the main screen.

• Tap “More” to enter more info: email, phone number, first name, last name, address, city, state, country, invoice number, description.

• Fast transactions over cell networks (Edge/3G) or wireless internet (Wi-Fi).

• Increased fraud protection: supports Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Security Code (CVV2/CVC/CID).

• Instant feedback for approved or declined charges.

• Securely transmits card numbers directly to Authorize.Net using SSL encryption. Card numbers are not stored on your phone.

• Optional transaction history log keeps track of charges and allows refunds.

• Use Authorize.Net features like email receipts, QuickBooks integration, transaction history, and reports.

• Complete payment system when combined with one of our partner apps: Ring It Up (point of sale), Timewerks (invoicing), or MarginCalc (simple profit margin calculator).


We guarantee a response to tech support emails within 24 hours, and we generally reply in a couple of hours. So if you have any trouble setting things up, just email us at

Phone tech support is provided if you sign up for Authorize.Net through our web site.


Authorize.Net® is a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996, and the #1 provider in the US. You can use an existing Authorize.Net account if you already have one, or sign up through our web site. Use your account to:

• Accept payment on your iPhone
• Accept payment on your PC or Mac
• Accept payment on your web site



Credit Card Terminal is also known as CC Terminal or CCTerminal.

Credit Card TerminalCredit Card TerminalCredit Card TerminalCredit Card TerminalCredit Card Terminal

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“Itchy” Lietotās programmas: – Compass Go – iBird Explorer Plus – How To Videos from “Office” Lietotās programmas: – Credit Card Terminal – Print & Share – FedEx Mobile for iPhone. “Student” Lietotās programmas:

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Itchy us: вошли CompassGo($1.99), iBird Explorer Plus($19.99) и Howcast Videos(Free). Office us: вошли Credit Card Terminal($49.99), Print and Share($6.99) и FedEx Mobile(Free). Student us: вошли Apartments(Free), SnapTell(Free) и


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