iDiscount$0.99 from Mobile Simplified iDiscount

Discount Sale … Shop

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This application is a set of tools to make life easier while you shop at the store. Quickly figure out a discount or bundle deal value.

Have you ever been at the store for a really great sale and were trying to figure out what 40% of something is? Or, better yet, trying to figure out what taking an additional 10% off of something that is already 35% off? The Sale Tool of iDiscount does the math for you and in the tradition of the iPhone or iPod Touch, makes it really easy to use.

iDiscount also provides two additional tools on the unit price screen. The first tool is for use at the grocery store. When you are at the deli and trying to figure out what 1/2 lb. of Turkey costs, or what 2 1/2 lb. of Roast Beef would be. The Total Cost tool does the math for you.

Unit cost figures out what the individual price would be for sales that give you 2 for 1.

iDiscount is all about making everyday shopping math easy!!!



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