MarcoPolo$0.00 from AC Ideas Corporation MarcoPolo

MarcoPolo is the best way to connect with all of your Facebook friends. Let your friends know where you are with MarcoPolo, no matter where you go!

Finally, you have the ability to connect with your Facebook friends and show them exactly where you are! Using MarcoPolo, you are able to leverage the built-in GPS and geo-location abilities of your iPhone and show your friends exactly where you are. Want to meet up with friends at a party or show? Feel like seeing where that long lost buddy is hanging out these days so you can give them a shout? Need to get help fast but don’t know how to describe where you are? MarcoPolo is perfect for each of these situations and more. Read through our common uses and features and you’ll see that MarcoPolo is the best geo-location based social networking tool available!

Common uses:

– Get driving directions to meet one of your friends
– See who else is at the same concert or party as you
– Easily find your way to a friend who is in trouble
– Show someone how to get to you even if you can’t describe your location
– Meet up easily with friends who don’t know how to give or take driving directions
– Connect with friends you haven’t spoken to in a long time, when you realize they are just around the corner, or even in the same cafe!


– Location updates strictly at app launch allow you to decide when and where you want to be found
– Equal settings mean that if people can see your location, you can see theirs too
– Update your Facebook status and see your friends’ status right in MarcoPolo
– Get directions from where you are to where your friends are
– Save your Facebook friends’ contact information right into your address book, including their status photo
– E-Mail, call or SMS friends who have input their information through convenient links in the application

Please note: MarcoPolo and AC Ideas are in no way affiliated with Facebook.


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