Mediquations Medical Calculator

Mediquations Medical Calculator$4.99 from Mediquations Mediquations Medical Calculator

Designed by a third year medical student, Mediquations is the original, most comprehensive medical calculator on the App Store. Mediquations makes getting the answers you need quick and painless. With 211 formulas and scoring tools and an intuitive interface, Mediquations is the smart choice for anyone looking for an iPhone or iPod Touch medical calculator.

Why Mediquations? Mediquations was designed and built by a medical student with emphasis on a clean, attractive interface to help you get the answers you need fast. Rest assured that the brains behind Mediquations also uses it on a daily basis in the hospital.

If you previously used Medcalc, Medmath, or Archimedes on your previous PDA, you will fall in love with Mediquations! Mediquations is being constantly updated with new features, equations, and enhancements. If you have any suggestions to make Mediquations better, please send us an email at support [at]

I hope you enjoy Mediquations as much as the 10,000 others who have bought this program!

∙ 211 formulas and scores. The most comprehensive medical calculator on the App Store!
∙ Support for US and SI units. (Set your preference in the iPhone Settings menu).
∙ Full freedom and control for units: switch easily between SI and US units for EACH variable.
∙ Multiple results (such as mortality percentages) are displayed for relevant scoring tools.
∙ View the full equation for each formula.
∙ For most equations, view quick reference info and citations.
∙ Search for the equation you want fast.
∙ Keep a list of your favorite equations.
∙ View equations by category.
∙ Email the results for each equation to colleagues.
∙ Relevant pictures for certain equations. Example: MMSE score has an intersecting pentagons picture.
∙ Clean, simple design with a large number pad for easy and FAST entry. A large number pad means less mistakes.

Equations (visit for the full list):
· A-a O2 Gradient
· ABCD & ABCD2 Score for TIA
· Absolute Neutrophil Count
· Acid-Base Compensation (ABG)
· Anion Gap, Delta Gap
· Arterial Oxygen Content
· Arterial Oxygen Delivery
· Bayesian Sensitivity/Specificity
· Bishop score
· Body Mass Index (BMI)
· Body Surface Area (Dubois, Mosteller, Current Formula for Unknown Height)
· Carboplatin Dosing
· Cardiac Output (Echo & Fick)
· Corrected QT (QTc)
· Corrected Serum Calcium, Phenytoin, Sodium
· Creatinine Clearance (measured) (CrCl)
· CURB-65 Score for Community Acquired Pneumonia
· DAS, DAS-CRP, DAS28, DAS-CRP: 3 & 4 Variables
· Dermatome Map
· Dose & Liquid Dose Calculator (Corrected for BSA, Calvert, or Weight)
· Duke Treadmill Score
· Electrolytes/Labs Units Conversion
· Fractional Excretion of Calcium, Sodium, Urea
· Framingham Cardiac Risk Score
· Geriatric Depression Score (15-pt)
· GFR (Cockcroft Gault, MDRD, Salazar-Corcora, Schwartz, Wright)
· Glasgow Coma Scale
· Henderson-Hasselbach
· Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
· IV Drip & Infusion Rates
· Light’s Criteria
· LDL Cholesterol Estimation (Friedewald)
· Maintenance Fluids
· Mean Arterial Pressure
· NIH Stroke Scale
· Normal Lab Values
· Opiate Equivalence
· Osmolality (Serum)
· Osmotic Gap (Stool)
· Parkland Formula
· Pediatric Dosing Calculator
· Pulmonary Embolism Rule-out Criteria (PERC)
· Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT Score)
· Ranson Criteria
· Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient (SAAG)
· Steroid Equivalence
· Strong Ion Gap (SIG)
· Time Interval Calculator
· Tubular Resorption of Phosphate (TRP)
· Transtubular K Gradient
· Tylenol Toxicity Nomogram with White Prediction
· Urinary Anion Gap
· Urinary Calcium Excretion (Ca / Cr)
· Urine Output
· Well’s Criteria for DVT & PE
And Over 150 More! Visit for the full list.

Mediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical Calculator


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