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OneTap Movies™ is the famous ultimate app for movie lovers. From now on, and for a fraction of the price of a single movie ticket, you will enjoy the show even when you are searching for a movie now playing at your local theater near you.

With a single tap of your finger, OneTap Movies recognizes where you are and displays the nearest movie theaters, along with the movies that are being played, as well as the show times, critic ratings, basic info based on box office sales, posters, etc. You can also watch the trailers or enjoy reading the details for any movie with a link to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Metacritic, & Rotten Tomatoes.


Publication – MACWORLD: “Let’s go out to the movies. OneTap Movies…provides showtime information for movies in your area, but it does it with a slick collapsible list of theaters”

User Review – PUNKINB1: “(5 Star Rating) Freaking Awesome!…Since I travel a lot I would have to figure out what zip code I was in to find the closest theater. Now with location based services it tells me the closest theaters without the hassle. And to view trailers within 10 seconds or so is totally cool too.”

Blogger – THE FRISKY: “[One of the] 16 best iPhone apps.”

Blogger – /FILMS: “OneTap Movies is the clear winner in the presentation category”

– Auto detects your location
– Interactive map with driving directions to each theater
– One tap shortcuts: Sort your results by theaters, movie popularity, star ratings, newest movies, additional info based on boxoffice sales
– Modify your default location
– View movie times now showing or up to 5 days ahead
– Links to Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic
– Choose your favorite theaters to show up top by location
– View showtimes for every theater in your vicinity by movie title under the Popular, Rating, and Newest shortcuts
– Results cashing is used to display quicker search results when doing multiple searches in a short period of time
– Refresh listings to reset cashed results

– Movie trailers
– Movie posters
– Movie theaters
– Titles
– Times
– Description
– Critic ratings (stars)
– Movie ratings (PG, R, etc.)
– Movie length

– iPhone
– iPod touch: Since the iPod touch’s online connection is limited to WiFi, you may have to manually set your location

– United States
– Other: Some features may not work properly and may require that you set the location

– Yellow Pages
– Munch
– AirYell

OneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap Movies


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