Mediquations Medical Calculator

April 2, 2009

Mediquations Medical Calculator$4.99 from Mediquations Mediquations Medical Calculator

Designed by a third year medical student, Mediquations is the original, most comprehensive medical calculator on the App Store. Mediquations makes getting the answers you need quick and painless. With 211 formulas and scoring tools and an intuitive interface, Mediquations is the smart choice for anyone looking for an iPhone or iPod Touch medical calculator.

Why Mediquations? Mediquations was designed and built by a medical student with emphasis on a clean, attractive interface to help you get the answers you need fast. Rest assured that the brains behind Mediquations also uses it on a daily basis in the hospital.

If you previously used Medcalc, Medmath, or Archimedes on your previous PDA, you will fall in love with Mediquations! Mediquations is being constantly updated with new features, equations, and enhancements. If you have any suggestions to make Mediquations better, please send us an email at support [at]

I hope you enjoy Mediquations as much as the 10,000 others who have bought this program!

∙ 211 formulas and scores. The most comprehensive medical calculator on the App Store!
∙ Support for US and SI units. (Set your preference in the iPhone Settings menu).
∙ Full freedom and control for units: switch easily between SI and US units for EACH variable.
∙ Multiple results (such as mortality percentages) are displayed for relevant scoring tools.
∙ View the full equation for each formula.
∙ For most equations, view quick reference info and citations.
∙ Search for the equation you want fast.
∙ Keep a list of your favorite equations.
∙ View equations by category.
∙ Email the results for each equation to colleagues.
∙ Relevant pictures for certain equations. Example: MMSE score has an intersecting pentagons picture.
∙ Clean, simple design with a large number pad for easy and FAST entry. A large number pad means less mistakes.

Equations (visit for the full list):
· A-a O2 Gradient
· ABCD & ABCD2 Score for TIA
· Absolute Neutrophil Count
· Acid-Base Compensation (ABG)
· Anion Gap, Delta Gap
· Arterial Oxygen Content
· Arterial Oxygen Delivery
· Bayesian Sensitivity/Specificity
· Bishop score
· Body Mass Index (BMI)
· Body Surface Area (Dubois, Mosteller, Current Formula for Unknown Height)
· Carboplatin Dosing
· Cardiac Output (Echo & Fick)
· Corrected QT (QTc)
· Corrected Serum Calcium, Phenytoin, Sodium
· Creatinine Clearance (measured) (CrCl)
· CURB-65 Score for Community Acquired Pneumonia
· DAS, DAS-CRP, DAS28, DAS-CRP: 3 & 4 Variables
· Dermatome Map
· Dose & Liquid Dose Calculator (Corrected for BSA, Calvert, or Weight)
· Duke Treadmill Score
· Electrolytes/Labs Units Conversion
· Fractional Excretion of Calcium, Sodium, Urea
· Framingham Cardiac Risk Score
· Geriatric Depression Score (15-pt)
· GFR (Cockcroft Gault, MDRD, Salazar-Corcora, Schwartz, Wright)
· Glasgow Coma Scale
· Henderson-Hasselbach
· Ideal Body Weight (IBW)
· IV Drip & Infusion Rates
· Light’s Criteria
· LDL Cholesterol Estimation (Friedewald)
· Maintenance Fluids
· Mean Arterial Pressure
· NIH Stroke Scale
· Normal Lab Values
· Opiate Equivalence
· Osmolality (Serum)
· Osmotic Gap (Stool)
· Parkland Formula
· Pediatric Dosing Calculator
· Pulmonary Embolism Rule-out Criteria (PERC)
· Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT Score)
· Ranson Criteria
· Serum Ascites Albumin Gradient (SAAG)
· Steroid Equivalence
· Strong Ion Gap (SIG)
· Time Interval Calculator
· Tubular Resorption of Phosphate (TRP)
· Transtubular K Gradient
· Tylenol Toxicity Nomogram with White Prediction
· Urinary Anion Gap
· Urinary Calcium Excretion (Ca / Cr)
· Urine Output
· Well’s Criteria for DVT & PE
And Over 150 More! Visit for the full list.

Mediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical CalculatorMediquations Medical Calculator



April 2, 2009

iConvert$0.99 from Future Apps Inc. iConvert

Introducing iConvert 2 . The best unit converter just became even better!

We at Future Apps understand what a user on the go needs. You want your mobile applications to give you information quickly, easily, and with as little interaction as possible. We kept that in mind when designing iConvert.

iConvert is the simplest, yet still powerful, unit converter on the App Store. Its ingenious user interface allows you to determine a conversion in a matter of seconds in only three easy steps, and all on just one screen.

There is no need to flip through multiple views just to select your conversion type, or figure out a clunky conversion calculator. Simply enter the number you want to convert, press the conversion type, and then scroll down to the specific conversion. iConvert automatically does the conversion on the fly.

Its that easy!

iConvert currently has over two hundred different conversions.

-Unit conversion types include: Length, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Area, Time, Pressure, Speed, Energy, Power, Currency, Force, Torque, Density, Data, Flow, Fuel, Acceleration
-Almost every conversion from English to Metric to SI and more!
-Simple and easy to use interface

Dont see a conversion you need? Click on the support link below and send us an email. Well add your conversion in the next update!


iTrans Chicago Metra

April 2, 2009

iTrans Chicago Metra$2.99 from iTrans iTrans Chicago Metra

It’s more than just a map: it’s the Chicago Metra in your pocket!

• Get step-by-step directions between any two stations, even while offline
• See train schedules for any station at any time of day
• Browse the latest service advisories even while offline
• Go to Current Location with a tap; show any station in the Maps application
• Beautiful vector graphics at any zoom: never pixelated or grainy
• Search for stations with a few taps

This app is for the Chicago Metra commuter rail system. To learn more about iTrans, visit our website.

iTrans Chicago MetraiTrans Chicago MetraiTrans Chicago MetraiTrans Chicago MetraiTrans Chicago Metra

Loan Shark

April 2, 2009

Loan Shark$2.99 from FoggyNoggin Software Loan Shark

The best loan calculator on the App Store!

• Featured on Apple’s “iPhone Your Life” website
• One of’s “10 iPhone Finance Apps that Count”

Navigating the waters of financial lending can be very dangerous. Loan Shark helps you fight off predators and assists you in making sound financial decisions for you and your family.

– Calculate any component of a loan, including payment, interest rate, or loan amount
– See the full Amortization Table for the loan’s lifespan
– See the effect of making an extra payment per year
– Save loan figures for comparison shopping or examining different loan scenarios
– Find banks in your area
– Uses your local currency (as set in the iPhone General preferences)
– Semi-annual interest for Canada and other countries
– Compare multiple loans side-by-side

Great Uses:
– Enter loans from different banks and save for later comparison
– Calculate how long it will take to pay off credit cards
– Determine how much in interest loans are costing you
– Track the progress of your mortgage
– Business loans, home loans, car loans, and more!

Also by FoggyNoggin Software:
– Lightastic!, a modern twist on Lite-Brite with animation

Feel free to contact us at our website ( with suggestions, comments, praise, or problems.

[NOTE: To those asking for emai/PDF capability, this is something I’d love to add. However, Apple does not allow developers a way to access the Mail application and, for now, there’s no way to send a large email or an email attachment. As soon as this changes, I’ll definitely add the email capability to Loan Shark.]

Loan SharkLoan SharkLoan SharkLoan SharkLoan Shark

Legends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station Story

April 2, 2009

Legends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station Story$1.99 from ZappTek Legends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station Story

Legends brings you: The Lazarus Murder.
From New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole, this is the first of the science fiction stories in his Purgatory Station universe. Catholic Chaplain Father Dennis Flynn is summoned to give the Last Rites to a murdered alien—an alien who shows no inclination to stay dead. Is it murder? And if so, who did the killing?

– 52 pages in reader
– double-tap scalable text
– pinch zoom full screen images
– triple-tap inversion for low-light reading
– portrait & landscape reading, with orientation locking
– opens to your last read page
– easily find more Legends to read via the info page
– includes bookmarks
– add notes to any page
– notes are automatically bookmarked

Legends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station StoryLegends: The Lazarus Murder a Purgatory Station Story

OneTap Movies

April 2, 2009

OneTap Movies$0.00 from Avantar LLC OneTap Movies

NEW: Ticket sales to theaters who partner with

OneTap Movies™ is the famous ultimate app for movie lovers. From now on, and for a fraction of the price of a single movie ticket, you will enjoy the show even when you are searching for a movie now playing at your local theater near you.

With a single tap of your finger, OneTap Movies recognizes where you are and displays the nearest movie theaters, along with the movies that are being played, as well as the show times, critic ratings, basic info based on box office sales, posters, etc. You can also watch the trailers or enjoy reading the details for any movie with a link to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Metacritic, & Rotten Tomatoes.


Publication – MACWORLD: “Let’s go out to the movies. OneTap Movies…provides showtime information for movies in your area, but it does it with a slick collapsible list of theaters”

User Review – PUNKINB1: “(5 Star Rating) Freaking Awesome!…Since I travel a lot I would have to figure out what zip code I was in to find the closest theater. Now with location based services it tells me the closest theaters without the hassle. And to view trailers within 10 seconds or so is totally cool too.”

Blogger – THE FRISKY: “[One of the] 16 best iPhone apps.”

Blogger – /FILMS: “OneTap Movies is the clear winner in the presentation category”

– Auto detects your location
– Interactive map with driving directions to each theater
– One tap shortcuts: Sort your results by theaters, movie popularity, star ratings, newest movies, additional info based on boxoffice sales
– Modify your default location
– View movie times now showing or up to 5 days ahead
– Links to Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Rotten Tomatoes & Metacritic
– Choose your favorite theaters to show up top by location
– View showtimes for every theater in your vicinity by movie title under the Popular, Rating, and Newest shortcuts
– Results cashing is used to display quicker search results when doing multiple searches in a short period of time
– Refresh listings to reset cashed results

– Movie trailers
– Movie posters
– Movie theaters
– Titles
– Times
– Description
– Critic ratings (stars)
– Movie ratings (PG, R, etc.)
– Movie length

– iPhone
– iPod touch: Since the iPod touch’s online connection is limited to WiFi, you may have to manually set your location

– United States
– Other: Some features may not work properly and may require that you set the location

– Yellow Pages
– Munch
– AirYell

OneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap MoviesOneTap Movies

iTrans PATH

April 2, 2009

iTrans PATH$3.99 from iTrans iTrans PATH

It’s more than just a map: it’s the PATH system in your pocket!

• Get step-by-step directions between any two stations, even while offline underground
• See train schedules for any station at any time of day
• Browse the latest service advisories even while offline
• Go to Current Location with a tap; show any station in the Maps application
• Beautiful vector graphics at any scale: never pixelated or grainy
• Search for stations with a few taps

This application is for the New York-New Jersey Port Authority system. To learn more about iTrans and see how it stacks up against the competition, visit our website.

iTrans PATHiTrans PATHiTrans PATHiTrans PATHiTrans PATH