Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)

Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)$34.99 from Navimatics Corporation Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)

Discover why Charts&Tides is the best marine navigation solution for your iPhone!

Our software combines marine charts, tides and navigation in an easy to use package right at your fingertips. At a fraction of the price we offer features normally found on portable chartplotters that are worth hundreds of dollars!

In detail:

– Our charts are vector charts that are derived from official NOAA data. We preprocess the data to make it continuous (no manual chart switching) and to ensure consistency.
– Our tides are computed from tide harmonics data that are also derived from official NOAA data.
– The full database is included in this download, so you will always have it with you. You do not need a 3G or WiFi connection to access our charts or our tides.
– You can move, zoom or rotate the chart using your fingers. Our chart looks great at any scale and rotation because we use vector chart technology.
– You can search for any feature (place, harbor, location, buoy, etc.) using the search bar at the top.
– To get additional information about a feature of your interest just tap on it.
– To measure the distance and find the bearing between any two points use the “ruler” tool.
– You can view the tides and currents for any station in your region, just tap the “tides” button. To view tide/current levels for a particular time, you can drag your finger on the tide/current view.
– Our software will track your vessel’s location, speed and track using the iPhone’s built-in location services. It will also record your vessel’s past track for the last 12 hours. [Please note: the application must be running to properly track a vessel’s location.]
– You can add, edit and delete waypoints. Hold your finger over the chart to add a new waypoint. You can navigate to your waypoints using desired track (DTK), cross-track error (XTE) and a bunch of other instrument displays.
– You can choose between “Day” and “Night” color schemes for your main chart display.

Visit for our user guide and additional marine navigation products. You can also search for “navimatics” in the AppStore to see our other regions and products.

COVERAGE: This download includes the data for the coastal regions of Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Visit our website for more detailed coverage.

Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)Charts&Tides (DE,NJ,NY,CT)


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