Fake Call

Fake Call$0.99 from Signs Studios Fake Call

Protect yourself from annoying situations with the “Fake Call”. The new incredible iPhone application will help you simulating an upcoming phone call, which gives you a perfect excuse to escape.

> Customize received phone call settings:
– Fake caller’s name
– Fake caller’s location
– Fake caller’s photo
– Display/ Hide the photo
– Background photo
– Ringtone*
> Settable timer
> All the settings will be automatically saved
> Simply tap the screen twice to ring the “Fake Call” (tap the App icon, another tap to start the fake call)
> All the original iPhone’s ringtones are included

*NOTE: Due to the iPhone software development limitations you won’t be able to use your personal ringtones (but we are working to solve these limitations).

What would happen when the timer reaches 0:
– iPhone will ring like receiving a real phone call
– The screen will show the display like a real phone call
– “Slide to Answer” to pretend you’re answering to a phone call (the screen will show the display just like you have an ongoing call).

During the fake call, you can press the “End Call” to quit the application, or press alternative buttons (Mute – Keypad – Speaker – etc. etc.) to end the fake call and you will be back to the settings screen.

Escape from annoying situations has never been this simple!

Fake CallFake CallFake CallFake CallFake Call

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