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iBearMoney is your personal finance assistant. Track your expenses, control your income, manage assets and liabilities – all on the palm of your hand.
iBearMoney will be presented during FinovateStartup09, the innovative financial technology startup conference, San Francisco, April 28, 2009.

“Best on iTunes. I tried several personal finance apps (iXpenseIt, PocketMoney, Accounts, SplashMoney, HomeBudget). This was the best of the bunch…” by Reforeg

“So far, I really love this app and it’s helped me a lot in the short time I’ve had it!” by before the dawn

“I really enjoy the interface on this app. The app itself works perfectly and is very intuitive. First class app.. Great customer service and support. My recommendation.. buy this app.” by dave.reeves

“This is the best financial app out there! It’s constantly being updated and improved. Well worth the money!” by Mike661

Found yourself financially struggling? Need to pay for education? Want to save for a new car? Planning to start a small business? No matter what your financial goals are iBearMoney will help you to achieve them.

Create your income statement. List all your income sources: daily pay, interest income, dividends, small business income, etc. Put all your expenses in the Expenses column. Do you spend above your total income?

Create your personal balance sheet. List all the assets: real estate, stocks, bonds, copyrights, etc. Put all your liabilities in the Liabilities column: loans, mortgages, etc. What is your balance net worth? Are you deeply in debt? Now you know where you are and are ready to move forward.

Keep your expenses low. Generate build-in reports, analyze the expenses. What are your major areas of spending? Switch your car to a more efficient one. Cut off unnecessary expenses. Improve your spending habits and stick to the budget limits.

Get rid of the liabilities. Usually your biggest expenses are related to the liabilities. Even some of your assets like a house or car may eat up a substantial chunk of the income. Your assets should generate income, or appreciate in value, otherwise they turn to liabilities.

Acquire income generating assets. Every dollar you have should work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will increase your “passive” income.
Work on this plan with iBearMoney and success will follow.


• Tracks Expenses
• Tracks Income cash flow
• Assets/Liabilities transactions
• Customized Income/Expenses categories and subcategories with user selected icons
• Personal Balance sheet
• Personal Income statement
• Unlimited number of Cash Accounts
• Unlimited number of User Profiles on one iPhone/iPod touch
• Export transactions data
• Password protection for user profiles
• Multi-Currency support – update exchange rates online for over 30 different currencies
• Currency Converter
• Budgeting
• Transactions can be supplied with photos and audio tracks
• Templates for quick input
• Detailed reports – bar graphs or pie-chart diagrams
• Continuous improvement and free updates


• Beautifully designed
• Effectively manages both income and expenses
• Tracks assets and liabilities
• We care about security of your data – Your data stays on your iPhone/iPod touch and never gets to our servers comparing to several other developers’ solutions
• Quick input (3 taps to complete a transaction!)
• Continuous improvement
• Great support

It’s never been easier to track your expenses.

Buy iBearMoney today!


Управление личными финансами
Как известно, постоянный учет показателей спортсмена благоприятно сказывается на его результатах. Так и учет личных финансов благотворно отражается на количестве денег. Вот и я решил навести порядок в этой безусловно важной сфере.

Entrate e uscite sotto controllo con iBearMoney
iBearMoney può essere considerata una delle applicazioni più “utili” in commercio, dato che ci permetterà di registrare i nostri movimenti di denaro e quindi di arrivare alla fine del mese senza sorprese.


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