Quadratic Inequalities

April 5, 2009

Quadratic Inequalities$0.99 from Walter Kissach Quadratic Inequalities

This App is a quick reference guide to solving quadratic inequalities by sketching their associated graphs.

It’s ideal for students as the menu design reinforces each problem solving step. Examples highlight and simplify algebra that students find hard.

Large, crystal clear text and graphics make the app ideal for quick reference or a longer read.

You go step by step through example questions,

– Writing in general form
– Finding the graph shape
– Finding the x-intercept(s) if any
– Sketching the graph
– Finding the solution by inspection

or go straight to a particular step.

Examples cover major types of quadratic inequalities and feature finding x-intercepts by factoring, completing the square and the quadratic formula.

Quadratic InequalitiesQuadratic InequalitiesQuadratic InequalitiesQuadratic InequalitiesQuadratic Inequalities

Name That Baby!

April 5, 2009

Name That Baby!$3.99 from DoubleTapApps Name That Baby!

Name That Baby the fun way! Designed by a stay-at-home mom, Name That Baby has thousands of baby names to choose from. Pick your sex, choose a starting letter and shake your iPhone! Baby names are displayed in a scrollable list in the quantity you choose. Shake your iPhone again for more names! Irish, Italian or American – you choose. With the sound of a baby rattle as your iPhone shakes, Name That Baby makes a perfect addition to any baby shower event!


– Search and access thousands of baby names with full descriptions from an array of origins

-Search by boy’s names, girls names, starting letter and/or origin

-Save names that you like to your “Favorites” list

-Share the fun by emailing your friends, family or yourself your list of favorites!

-Names are displayed in an easy scrollable list and can be displayed in the quantity you choose

-Hear the sound of a baby rattle when you shake your iPhone (on/off feature included)

Name That Baby!Name That Baby!Name That Baby!Name That Baby!Name That Baby!


April 5, 2009

iFitness$1.99 from Medical Productions iFitness


iFitness is a comprehensive exercise database that provides clear pictures and instructions – all within the palm of your hand.

Regular exercise is essential for becoming and staying fit. Experts recommend changing your workout routine regularly to keep your body from growing accustomed to the same old routine and to keep things interesting and enjoyable.

Personal trainers can be costly though, and attempting a new exercise without assistance can lead to strain or an ineffective workout. iFitness is the solution to both problems.

iFitness provides images of people performing over 150 exercises, sorted by body region or the exact muscle it targets. Simply choose a target, tap on an exercise, and you are presented with a picture of the exercise. Double tap to flip the image and reveal clearly worded instructions on the back – directing you step-by-step.

You can even add exercises to your custom workout list, and make several workouts for different days of the week. Are we missing an exercise? You can add your own custom exercise to ensure your complete workout is there.

Want to track your progress? Tap the log icon and easily record your progress. Your data is saved and presented to you in an easy to understand form, and can be sent to your email with just one finger tap. Why waste money on all of those separate “logging apps” that litter iTunes?

Want routines you can perform? Our registered fitness experts have included 9 routines that target everything from weight loss to strength building. For those who travel, there is even an equipment-free routine for you.

Beautifully designed, iFitness looks and functions as a real iphone/ipod application should. Don’t be fooled by our competitors – there is a reason we are #1. Exercises range from using free weights, cables, machines, exercise balls to even no equipment!


• over 160 unique exercises (more than any other application)
• clear images of people doing every exercise & full text instructions
• cleverly designed logging feature to record and track your progress
• ability to add your own exercise and track it
• exercises ordered by body region they target (abs, arms, back, etc) or exact muscle
• ability to create MULTIPLE customized workouts
• 9 routines with varying goals (weight loss, strength, ab definition, etc)
• ability to email workout logs to yourself
• add custom photo for exercises from iPhone’s camera or photo library
• graph your workout results to give yourself the encouraging boost you need

*new* Stop-watch timer to keep track of your resting time between sets


• lowest price around
• images of real people (not confusing illustrations)
• usable interface and design that can actually be used in a gym
• comprehensive list of features not found elsewhere
• detailed exercise guide, routines, & tracking – all other apps only offer one of the three!


UI improvements, more exercises, and routines!


Top 100 iPhone Apps for Your Health and Fitness
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iFitness Needs A Workout
The iFitness app might be the place for some to re-start but for most it leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Medical Productions Inc is the company behind iFitness. But who is Medical Productions Inc and what are their qualifications?

ifitness1 ifitness2. No todo el mundo trabaja en Hollywood o se puede permitir tener un entrenador personal que nos ponga en forma. Para eso ha nacido una aplicación con el explicativo nombre de iFitness que, en cierto modo,

Trzy najlepsze aplikacje pomagające w utrzymaniu formy
Autor wpisu: Paweł Cebula, tekst pochodzi ze strony: Applemania.pl. Pośród wielu aplikacji znajdujących się w App Store można znaleźć również takie, które mogą przydać się szczególnie osobom chcącym zadbać o swoją kondycję fizyczną,

Help Track Your Fitness Goals By Using Your Iphone Or Ipod
Over the Christmas holiday I got a new Ipod Touch through some work I did for another website. Since my old classic Ipod was stolen a few months back I had forgotten how much I loved having an Ipod. It was useful in so many ways,

Happy New Year – The iPhone Has Your Back
Happy New Year! If you are anything like me, New Year means resolutions, and resolutions mean getting back into shape. Good thing I have the iPhone to help me out. Here are a few of the health applications I have taken for a spin lately

Healthcare and Fitness iPhone App
The iFitness App on the second place in the App Store. Is that a new trend? Share/Save.

Raport fitness – prima săptămână
Anunțam aici acum câteva zile că m-am apucat de un program de fitness împreună cu un prieten. După prima săptămână pot spune că am început să-mi pot mișca din nou mâinile. Serios acum, am de făcut următoarele constatări:

Nine iPhone Apps to Keep You Fit
The Apple Blog has a great article listing nine iPhone apps that can help keep you fit: 9 iPhone Apps to Keep You Fit | TheAppleBlog. Here are their choices: Restaurant Nutrition; LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker; Weightbot

iFitness: Workout Smarter With Your iPhone
In the words of the immortal Hans & Franz, “We’re Going to Pump You Up!” Or at least, iFitness for the iPhone and iPod touch is going to. The personal trainer app has enjoyed a lofty position on the Top Paid charts in the iTunes store,

Advanced Level and Inclinometer – TiltMeter Pro

April 5, 2009

Advanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter Pro$0.99 from IntegraSoftHN – Carlos E. Hernández Pérez Advanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter Pro

On Sale…Last DAYS. Normal Price $2.99

For support, send email to: support@tiltmeterapp.com
Follow us on twitter : http://twitter.com/carlos_h

It’s Finally here! Version 3.0 has been uploaded to the AppStore, and has just been approved.

Version 3.1 is on the making. We are addressing the calibration bug( there is a workaround, continue reading), and we are adding a new level reading. Stay tuned!!!

Thanks for your suggestions, reviews and support.

If you like our application, please help us posting a review on how you use it, or what it helps you accomplish.

TiltMeter is a professional grade angle measurement tool. Some common uses are:

✔Picture Alignment
✔Measuring angles of elevation, slope, or incline
✔Showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to the horizontal
✔Measuring the “look angle” of a satellite antenna towards a satellite
✔Measuring the slope angle of a tape or chain during distance measurement
✔Indicating roll of vehicles, sail boats, and aircraft
✔Roof pitch calculation and angle measurement
✔and much more…


✔Motion sensitive lock
You can now set an approximation value, and when active, if you don’t move the device for 2 seconds, it will lock the current reading automatically

✔Reference Angle
With a swipe of your finger, you can set a reference angle, and when measuring, the application will let you know when you are near the reference angle, or when you are on the exact angle

✔Logging measurements
This is the first level/inclinometer application to offer logging of valuable data. You can store individual values, or you can set an interval and let the application record every movement. You can even send the results to any email you want, using an in-app email client.

✔Sound feedback
Autolock and reference angle use audio feedback to let you know when the application has locked the current angle, or when you are near the reference angle you have set.

✔Interactive calibration
The calibration process got a major revamp. Now the application helps you through the entire process, aiding you in every step.

✔Different precision modes
The application can display the value in angles, percentages, rise over run, roof pitch and radians.

✔Full screen mode
With double tapping, you can hide all the interface elements, and leave just the gorgeous image of the TiltMeter animating as you move your device.

✔Personalize your TiltMeter
With 8 different beautiful backgrounds, you can set the mood you want. If you have a background you would like to see in the app, send us an email, and we will be glad to add it to a feature release.

✔Sleep mode disabled
For your convenience this application disables the auto sleep mode, when you enter this application, the device won’t go to sleep.

✔Gorgeous graphics
This application has the most gorgeous graphics ever seen in a level app.

Note: Before calibrating, please set the values for the email server configuration in settings, or set any value(the password field is the one that needs any data to be set) if you are not going to use the send log option. After this, you would be able to calibrate without any issues.

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Advanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter Pro

iTM Pad

April 5, 2009

iTM Pad$5.99 from Silicon Studios iTM Pad

Your iPhone / iPod touch is not a toy !

iTM turns it into a hi tech midi controller for your DAW or VJ tool

Networked computer running iTouchMidi OSX / WIN required
available from device or download from http://www.itouchmidi.com

Compatible with OSX 10.4/10.5 & WIN XP/VISTA 32/64

iTM Pad is one of the iTM suite classics
A trackpad that you can use to control any variable parameters with the tip of your finger


Touch Pad with 5 assignment pages
3 midi mappable function button per page
Spring to default X button, set default on double tap
Midi feedback
Safe mode, all buttons slide away when iTM logo is tapped
Defaults are saved when iTM logo is double tapped
Auto Server

CC assignments:

Page A: cc10 on X axis : cc11 on Y axis : cc20 on f1 : cc21 on f2 : cc22 on f3
Page B: cc12 on X axis : cc13 on Y axis : cc23 on f1 : cc24 on f2 : cc25 on f3
Page C: cc14 on X axis : cc15 on Y axis : cc26 on f1 : cc27 on f2 : cc28 on f3
Page D: cc16 on X axis : cc17 on Y axis : cc29 on f1 : cc30 on f2 : cc31 on f3
Page E: cc18 on X axis : cc19 on Y axis : cc32 on f1 : cc33 on f2 : cc34 on f3

Watch out for other iTM releases !

iTM MidiLab (free, use it to try iTM)

iTM Tilt
iTM Matrix
iTM Keys

Coming soon 🙂

iTM Modular

iTM Pad


April 5, 2009

CraigsMobileList$1.99 from Mobile Simplicity CraigsMobileList

CraigsMobileList is a simple and intuitive application designed to greatly improve the ease of searching, browsing, and responding to craigslist listings on an iPhone.

By streamlining the interface, CraigsMobileList makes craigslist as quick and effortless to browse and search on the iPhone as it is through a standard browser on a computer. Now it’s easy to find a dinner date on a business trip or last minute tickets to a sold out show.

– Search and browse all standard craigslist categories from a centralized homepage
– Bookmark details of favorite and/or often repeated searches
– Recall your last location setting
– Save individual listings to favorites for later use
– Respond to listings quickly and easily
– Email listings to yourself or a friend
– Forget about resizing screens and clicking on tiny links!

The current version of CraigsMobileList supports the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, and the U.K.

CraigsMobileList is developed by Mobile Simplicity who has no association or affiliation with craigslist. This is an application developed by lovers of craigslist for lovers of craigslist.

For more information please visit http://www.mSimplicity.com



April 5, 2009

iNote$3.99 from Nexar Software Studios iNote

iNote is a feature rich note taking application yet easy to use and responsive. Not only advanced note taking features including cut, copy, and paste, you can create unlimited number of folders and subfolders that can be password protected, can email note, and can upload and download note to/from Google Docs.

[ Note editing features ]
• Landscape keyboard for fast and precise typing.
• Cut, copy and paste note text.
• Quick open option allows you to create a new note quickly.
• Wide range of available font size: From 8 to 256 points, note by note.

[ Note organizing features ]
• Unlimited number of folders and subfolders.
• Rename and reorder notes and folders as you like, and move them to any folder.
• Create a copy of a note.
• Incremental note and folder search by their name and content.
• Hide (password-protect) notes and folders. Hidden notes and folders are excluded from search when they are hidden.

[ Note sharing features ]
• Email note with the built-in Mail.app. You can edit email subject (note title) within the same note view.
• Google Docs upload and download.

[ Usability ]
• All views works in both portrait and landscape modes. You don’t need to rotate your iPhone or iPod touch to change settings even when you are editing note in landscape mode.
• Frequently used features needs minimal number of taps.
– Hide (password protect) note or folder: Just 3 taps (“Edit” – Note or folder name – “Hide” in note list view)
– Email: Just 2 taps (“Menu” – “Email” in note view)
– Google Docs upload: Just 3 Taps (“Menu” – “G” – “Upload” in note view)
– Google Docs download: Just 3 Taps (“G” – “Login” – a document name in note list view)