Advanced Level and Inclinometer – TiltMeter Pro

Advanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter Pro$0.99 from IntegraSoftHN – Carlos E. Hernández Pérez Advanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter Pro

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It’s Finally here! Version 3.0 has been uploaded to the AppStore, and has just been approved.

Version 3.1 is on the making. We are addressing the calibration bug( there is a workaround, continue reading), and we are adding a new level reading. Stay tuned!!!

Thanks for your suggestions, reviews and support.

If you like our application, please help us posting a review on how you use it, or what it helps you accomplish.

TiltMeter is a professional grade angle measurement tool. Some common uses are:

✔Picture Alignment
✔Measuring angles of elevation, slope, or incline
✔Showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to the horizontal
✔Measuring the “look angle” of a satellite antenna towards a satellite
✔Measuring the slope angle of a tape or chain during distance measurement
✔Indicating roll of vehicles, sail boats, and aircraft
✔Roof pitch calculation and angle measurement
✔and much more…


✔Motion sensitive lock
You can now set an approximation value, and when active, if you don’t move the device for 2 seconds, it will lock the current reading automatically

✔Reference Angle
With a swipe of your finger, you can set a reference angle, and when measuring, the application will let you know when you are near the reference angle, or when you are on the exact angle

✔Logging measurements
This is the first level/inclinometer application to offer logging of valuable data. You can store individual values, or you can set an interval and let the application record every movement. You can even send the results to any email you want, using an in-app email client.

✔Sound feedback
Autolock and reference angle use audio feedback to let you know when the application has locked the current angle, or when you are near the reference angle you have set.

✔Interactive calibration
The calibration process got a major revamp. Now the application helps you through the entire process, aiding you in every step.

✔Different precision modes
The application can display the value in angles, percentages, rise over run, roof pitch and radians.

✔Full screen mode
With double tapping, you can hide all the interface elements, and leave just the gorgeous image of the TiltMeter animating as you move your device.

✔Personalize your TiltMeter
With 8 different beautiful backgrounds, you can set the mood you want. If you have a background you would like to see in the app, send us an email, and we will be glad to add it to a feature release.

✔Sleep mode disabled
For your convenience this application disables the auto sleep mode, when you enter this application, the device won’t go to sleep.

✔Gorgeous graphics
This application has the most gorgeous graphics ever seen in a level app.

Note: Before calibrating, please set the values for the email server configuration in settings, or set any value(the password field is the one that needs any data to be set) if you are not going to use the send log option. After this, you would be able to calibrate without any issues.

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Advanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter ProAdvanced Level and Inclinometer - TiltMeter Pro

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