iNote$3.99 from Nexar Software Studios iNote

iNote is a feature rich note taking application yet easy to use and responsive. Not only advanced note taking features including cut, copy, and paste, you can create unlimited number of folders and subfolders that can be password protected, can email note, and can upload and download note to/from Google Docs.

[ Note editing features ]
• Landscape keyboard for fast and precise typing.
• Cut, copy and paste note text.
• Quick open option allows you to create a new note quickly.
• Wide range of available font size: From 8 to 256 points, note by note.

[ Note organizing features ]
• Unlimited number of folders and subfolders.
• Rename and reorder notes and folders as you like, and move them to any folder.
• Create a copy of a note.
• Incremental note and folder search by their name and content.
• Hide (password-protect) notes and folders. Hidden notes and folders are excluded from search when they are hidden.

[ Note sharing features ]
• Email note with the built-in You can edit email subject (note title) within the same note view.
• Google Docs upload and download.

[ Usability ]
• All views works in both portrait and landscape modes. You don’t need to rotate your iPhone or iPod touch to change settings even when you are editing note in landscape mode.
• Frequently used features needs minimal number of taps.
– Hide (password protect) note or folder: Just 3 taps (“Edit” – Note or folder name – “Hide” in note list view)
– Email: Just 2 taps (“Menu” – “Email” in note view)
– Google Docs upload: Just 3 Taps (“Menu” – “G” – “Upload” in note view)
– Google Docs download: Just 3 Taps (“G” – “Login” – a document name in note list view)


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