PocketMoney – Checkbook

PocketMoney - Checkbook$9.99 from Catamount Software PocketMoney - Checkbook

In celebration of getting my taxes done in record time, thanks to PocketMoney powerful reporting options — PocketMoney is 50% off for Tax Day.

Average 5 Star Rating over the past 2 months from the most recent reviewers.

★★★★★ “This app is worth every penny… None of the others measure up to this standard” – by Gonad the barbarian

★★★★★ “I’ve tried all the checkbook / account managers I could find. Nothing compares to PocketMoney…quick and easy entry of transactions – well thought out interface and assistance…I use this every day, all day, on-the-fly, to log all of my expenditures. I’m very pleased with this app!” – by Kirklander


Take control of your finances today with PocketMoney. A powerful yet easy to use personal finance manager, PocketMoney lets you track your cash flow, understand your net worth, and improve the overall health of your finances.

The system is simple, and a minute a day using PocketMoney will help you navigate through the pitfalls of the current economy.

► Start by entering all your income and expenses as they happen across multiple accounts such as credit cards, savings, and checking accounts. PocketMoney can track thousands of transactions through many years of financial data with no performance loss. Transactions can be split across multiple categories, transferred across accounts and can also be scheduled to occur at regular intervals.

► PocketMoney makes this really easy by remembering previous transactions and auto-completing them as you type.

► Analyze your overall financial health by using the built-in reporting features of PocketMoney. Charts can help you visualize overspending and target areas to cut back. Furthermore, your data can be exported to desktop applications such as Microsoft Money and Excel.

► Keep your data secure by using a PIN, and back-up all your data to your desktop in a single step.

PocketMoney has proven itself over more than 14 years across many platforms such as PalmOS, Windows Mobile, and Apple Newton. You can now use PocketMoney on your iPhone to secure your financial future.

Try PocketMoney for free before you buy. Search for and download PocketMoney LITE in iTunes.


✔ Track an unlimited number of accounts (checking, credit cards, savings, assets, liabilities).
✔ Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers between accounts.
✔ Smart Repeating transactions (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, allowing for 31 day months and manual exceptions).
✔ Split transactions across multiple categories.
✔ Reconcile and rollup your accounts.
✔ Auto-complete transactions in real-time by simply entering the first few letters of a known payee.
✔ Full multiple currency support for international transactions.

✔ Set budget limits across various categories.
✔ Extrapolate budget limits weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
✔ Easy visualization through an easy to understand colored progress bar.
✔ Generate real-time reports to track categories, payees, etc.
✔ Custom filters let you to create the exact reports that you need.

✔ Auto-complete transactions in real-time by simply entering the first few letters of a known payee.
✔ Can handle years worth of transactions with no performance loss.
✔ PocketMoney’s iReceipt open standard allows other applications or websites to post transactions directly to PocketMoney to eliminate redundant data entry. (iReceipt supported by MPG, CheckPlease, and others)
✔ Repeating transactions are entered once and auto-enter themselves

✔ Backup your data easily over Wi-Fi to your desktop computer. **SyncDocs Required**
✔ Export all (or a selected range) your data to other desktop applications via QIF (finance apps) or TDF (spreadsheets) files.
✔ Secure your data by using a PIN.

PocketMoney - CheckbookPocketMoney - CheckbookPocketMoney - CheckbookPocketMoney - CheckbookPocketMoney - Checkbook


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