Gym Buddy

Gym Buddy$2.99 from Anywise Enterprise, LLC Gym Buddy

Do you really need your workout log to teach you how to do a bench press? No, you just want to record your workout, quickly and easily.

Frankly, there are better places to get personal training advice than your phone, and trying to do so only detracts from what a great workout log should be.

Gym Buddy is an easy to use, completely adaptable workout log. Define your own exercises, plan your own workouts, and log your sets by repetitions, weight, time & notes.

Don’t be fooled by other apps that include a bunch of stuff you don’t need, while leaving out the stuff you do.

Key features include:

– Allows you to edit your sets after you input them. Change the time, note, weight & reps anytime and anywhere they appear. You can move them from workout to workout, or even change the associated exercise.

– Has three countdown timers to monitor your rest periods. They beep and buzz independently at any duration and can even be set to start automatically when you enter a set.

– Exercises in a workout can be sorted into any order and flipped through directly from the set input screen. In fact, the entire method of input has been designed for speed and simplicity — no scrolling, no hierarchy drilling, just in and out of your pocket quickly.

– You view your results in a concise, compact format that is definable by workout, time frame, and exercise. With the Calendar view you can view an entire month of workouts in one glance, seeing the date, name of the workout, and your workout volume — then flip from month to month.

– Allows you to email your history — also by workout, exercise, and time — for backup and input to a spreadsheet.

– With a wifi connection to a computer, you can backup the database and restore onto different devices or use separate databases for separate users.

– Shows your previous workout results right on the input screen, so you know what your goal is — no searching, no tabbing, its just there.

– Calculates your One Rep Max for each set and tracks your all-time best, which it celebrates by flipping the screen and yelling, “YES!”

– Draws a graph of your One Rep Max history for each exercise, breaking down each workout by set number (up to five sets) and also by your best set.

– Includes a detail screen for each workout and exercise showing an extensive summary of your performance.

– Each exercise allows for 4 lines of notes where you can put your workout plan for several weeks ahead, and it appears right on the input screen.

– Compatible with Kilograms and allows for decimal weights.

!!! Comes with a free Excel spreadsheet for pasting your emailed data to. Gives you a printable report sorted by workout, exercise or date. See our website for details and downloads: !!!

*** A note about countdown timers: When you put your device to sleep, the CPU goes to sleep about 20 seconds later — which means any timers will no longer function. This is by design from Apple and all apps will have this limitation. Fortunately, if you’re playing music the CPU stays active and the timers will work even when your device is asleep. If you don’t want to listen to music, I have created an hour long mp3 of silence (only 3.5mb) that you can download from Simply play this in the ipod app before you start your workout.

Gym BuddyGym BuddyGym BuddyGym BuddyGym Buddy

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