Happy Trails GPS

Happy Trails GPS$1.99 from Skinnbones Software Happy Trails GPS

Introducing Happy Trails, an application that allows you to monitor your location, path, and distance traveled, along with the distinct abilities to take photos and save them along with your paths for later review.

Happy Trails displays the elapsed time, speed, and distance in real-time. Along with the basic info you can take photos of your location, called Breadcrumbs, which are also saved with your path data. If you need to jump to another app, don’t worry, Happy Trails will automatically save your current state and restart when you launch Happy Trails again.

A great program for walks, runs, car trips, hikes, or just to get more info on your location!


– Intuitive User Interface
– Elapsed Time, Distance and Speed Display
– Trails are automatically saved
– Trail Auto Restart
– English or Metric units
– Path Map and Location Map
– Take photos on your Trails (aka Breadcrumbs)
– Filter GPS samples on Time, Accuracy, and Distance
– Download Trails / Photos from iPhone using a Web Browser

Works best with the iPhone 3G

Happy Trails GPSHappy Trails GPSHappy Trails GPSHappy Trails GPSHappy Trails GPS

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