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Trapster(R), your iPhone alerts you as you approach police speed traps, red light cameras, and speed cameras.

Join a worldwide community that is over 500,000 users strong, with over 400,000 of those using the iPhone!

It’s a high tech way to do the same thing people have been doing for years with CB radios and flashing headlights at other drivers to warn them of a speed trap ahead. It works using the GPS and WiFi location capabilities of your iPhone.


– World’s most complete and up to date speed trap and camera database
– Real time alerts for police radar/laser speed traps, mobile speed cameras, and checkpoints
– Alerts for red light cameras, fixed speed cameras, and known speed trap locations
– Virtual Radar(TM) dynamic alert area based on speed and direction of travel.
– As you approach a reported trap a voice alert will play, and on-screen icons will animate, according to the type of trap (for example “Live Police!”).
– All new real time scrolling map option that keeps the “you are here” dot in the middle.
– Full gesture support with double tap zoom in/out
– Real time traffic/accidents/incidents
– Report traps that you see by simply tapping the screen.
– Rate traps submitted by other users (agree/disagree).
– The system learns the credibility of users over time based on how many other users agree with the traps they report.
– “Push” notification starts the app via the Trapster real time live police report text messaging system.

* My Trips feature

– This feature broadens the scope of the app beyond speed traps, to a useful and fun travel tool.
– Record your trips, see them in the app, and on the Web.
– Share your trips with your friends and family. They can watch your progress in real time from any computer, or iPhone.
– Geo-tag your trip with photos and notes about interesting things you see.
– Privacy: Keep your trip totally private, share it with the world, or share it only with certain people you choose.
– Delete your trips when you don’t want them any more. We don’t save your trips if you don’t want them.

It’s FREE, it’s fun, and it might save you a lot time, embarrassment, and money spent on traffic violation fees and increased insurance premiums. Download it now and give it a try!

Click the “Help” in the lower right of the app for complete instructions.

Note: Signing up for a Trapster account is optional, however an account is required if you want to use the new My Trips feature, report traps that you see, set up customized alert filters, receive real time text message alerts, and use private messaging. We do not distribute, share, sell, rent, etc. your private information such as your email address or mobile number to anyone, period, nor have we ever. Read the privacy policy on our Web site for more details.


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