Via Directions

April 7, 2009

Via Directions$0.00 from Robert Stainsby Via Directions

It’s great how your iPhone can give you directions from A to B. But what if you want to go via C? That’s where Via Directions can help.

Use Via Directions to specify an intermediate stop for your trip. Or name a street to use to avoid a bottleneck. The results are generated by Google and displayed in the Maps application, just like a standard directions search.


Since early 2009, the Maps app may display an extra leg, back to your starting point, when you ask for directions using Via Directions (or multi-stop directions generated from Google Maps). This also blows out the estimated distance. How annoying!


Until this issue is resolved, Via Directions is FREE. So download it now and you’ll own it when it becomes a paid app again.


Q: Why is there no screenshot here showing the results of a search?
A: Via Directions passes your search to the built-in Maps app for display. The results work exactly the same as a standard Maps search – only the route is different.

Q: How do I enter locations into Via Directions?
A: Type them in, select addresses from your Contacts, or select “Current Location”.

Q: Why do I see a “server error” or “address could not be found” message instead of a map?
A: It sounds like one of your stops could not be found. Relaunch Via Directions and try describing your search a slightly different way. If you find an address that works in Maps but not in Via Directions, please contact me with details so I can try to fix the problem.

Q: Can Via Directions use my bookmarks from the Maps app?
A: No, the iPhone provides no way to do this as far as I can see.

Via DirectionsVia Directions


April 7, 2009

Synthesizer$1.99 from Stefan Welebny Synthesizer

How are you going to sound today?

Turns your iPhone or iPod into a groovy synthesizer based on additive, subtractive and fm sound synthesis featuring

● 5 harmonics
● vibrato
● chorus
● pitch shift
● presets
● overall volume
● attack, decay, sustain and release
● noise
● distortion
● cutoff
● delay


➤ “This is an awesome Synthesizer” ★★★★★

➤ “really good! this app is really fun 2 use and entertaining” ★★★★★

➤ “This is a simple synthesizer that most music geeks will enjoy.” ★★★

➤ “Use your finger instead of a stylus, Rolf Harris eat your heart out!” ★★★★


① Use your earphones for a better sound experience.

② Connect the sound output of your iPhone/iPod touch to the mic/line input of your mixer, recorder, Mac or PC (male -male audio jack cable required).

③ Setting Synthesizer up as a real instrument in GarageBand on your Mac will enable you to use all recording, looping, mixing, and effect features with Synthesizer. You can also create music for itunes or ring tones. Read GarageBand help for details.

④ Shake your device to return to factory settings for the current sound

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Apps On Sale In The App Store on 01/30/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

English Premier League Live Score

April 7, 2009

English Premier League Live Score$4.99 from Infindo Technology English Premier League Live Score

English Premier League Live Score is the No.1 selling premium football application for the Barclays English Premier League. With live commentary and statistics, it is built for serious football fans around the world. With its astounding user interface and real time live data broadcast, it delivers the best sports experience ever for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

◊ Features and Specifications ◊

• English Premier League 2008/09
• Superb user interface for best mobile sports experience
• Real time full match coverage
• Real time In-depth match statistics (fouls, corner, offsides, possession, yellow cards, red cards, saves)
• Up-to-minute commentary
• Up-to-minute live scores with scorer name
• Exclusive starting line-up with visual presentation (30 mins before kick-off)
• Match tactics formation (30 mins before kick-off)
• Full fixtures with past results
• Instant update table standings
• Goals with sound alerts
• Favorite team tracking and selection
• Local time zone selection
• Teams: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Hull City, Liverpool, Manchester City (MC), Manchester United (MU), Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Portsmouth, Stoke City, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United, Wigan Athletic

◊ Technology Highlights ◊

• INFINDO developed its in-house built AJAX Web 2.0 PUSH Technology platform with data compression for faster delivery of real time results instead of “auto-refresh” concept whereby data delivery will delay as well as battery life will drain faster.

• Extremely fast data loading even with 2G, 2.5G/GPRS, 2.75/Edge, 3G/UMTS or 3.5G/HSDPA network. Super fast loading with Wi-Fi network.

◊ INFINDO Series of Sports Applications ◊

• English Premier League Live Score
• Italian Serie A Live Score
• Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga) Live Score
• German Bundesliga Live Score
• French Ligue 1 Live Score
• World Football
• Formula 1 2009 (New Release)

*Simply search for “INFINDO” to download all these applications.

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English Premier League Live ScoreEnglish Premier League Live ScoreEnglish Premier League Live ScoreEnglish Premier League Live ScoreEnglish Premier League Live Score

iPhone development – Singapore VS Malaysia
While developers in Singapore are largely focussed on developing local apps, it seems that Malaysian iPhone developers have been targetting the much bigger world market. At the launch of the iPhone in Malaysia last Friday,

Black Friday Bargain Hunter – iPhone Edition
For the rest anyone outside the US, Black Friday doesn’t exist, but thanks to some companies we too can get in on the discount loving. So for today we shall be listing any bargains that can be got by both US and the rest of the world.

Legends: 21 Days To a Novel

April 7, 2009

Legends: 21 Days To a Novel$19.99 from ZappTek Legends: 21 Days To a Novel

Legends brings you: 21 Days To a Novel is a collection of exercises which will set any writer up to successfully write that novel they’ve been dreaming about. The exercises hit hard on the critical areas of book design: characterization, world building, plotting, description, dialogue and more. The exercises likewise serve as diagnostics for when things aren’t quite working the way you’d like. Distilled from over twenty years of writing experience, and rife with examples, 21 Days To a Novel is a clear roadmap to setting you up for writing success.

– 122 pages in reader
– double-tap scalable text
– triple-tap inversion for low-light reading
– portrait & landscape reading, with orientation locking
– opens to your last read page
– easily find more Legends to read via the info page
– includes bookmarks
– add notes to any page
– notes are automatically bookmarked

Legends: 21 Days To a NovelLegends: 21 Days To a NovelLegends: 21 Days To a NovelLegends: 21 Days To a NovelLegends: 21 Days To a Novel

Legends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons Bound

April 7, 2009

Legends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons Bound$4.99 from ZappTek Legends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons Bound

Legends brings you the long-awaited return of TO DEMONS BOUND, the first volume in the SWORDS OF RAEMLLYN series by Robert E Vardeman and Geo W Proctor.

Join Davin Anane and his giant other-worldly friend Goran One-Eye in their battle to hold back gathering dark powers. Davin’s lover, Lijena, is possessed by a demon that forces her to do unspeakable acts, but can anyone save her from her fate when the Faceless Ones ride?

TO DEMONS BOUND is a stirring tale of magicks and bravery, treachery and loyalty set in a thrilling new fantasy universe.

Be sure to read Swords of Raemllyn #2, #3 and #4: A Yoke of Magic, Blood Fountain, and Death’s Acolyte all available now (see All Application by ZappTek or search for them in the App Store).

– 301 pages in reader
– double-tap scalable text
– pinch zoom full screen images
– triple-tap inversion for low-light reading
– portrait & landscape reading, with orientation locking
– opens to your last read page
– easily find more Legends to read via the info page
– includes bookmarks
– add notes to any page
– notes are automatically bookmarked

Legends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons BoundLegends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons BoundLegends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons BoundLegends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons BoundLegends: Swords of Raemllyn #1 – To Demons Bound


April 7, 2009

iQuotes$1.99 from Better Day Wireless iQuotes

iQuotes features hundreds of quotes set atop a background of famous works of art and vibrant photos chosen specifically for each. Use iQuotes to get a new quote for every day of the year or easily browse through them all with forward and back buttons.

Get quotes of the world’s greatest thinkers from Einstein to Confucius. Experience the witticisms of some of literature’s most creative minds like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, or Shakespeare to name a few.

Quotes range from the witty and humorous to motivational words of wisdom.

Quotes are brought to life by vibrant nature scenes, portraits, cosmic images, and some of history’s greatest works of art.

Don’t have time to browse them all? Don’t worry, when you open iQuotes, the order is rearranged giving you a unique experience every time.

Plus, iQuotes will get updated frequently, adding more quotes to your collection!

Try iQuotes today for a bit of inspiration and entertainment!

Better Day Wireless. Better Apps. Better Value.


Speed Box

April 7, 2009

Speed Box$2.99 from Hans Schneider Speed Box

SpeedBox displays the current speed and distance that you’re traveling at, by utilizing the iPhone 3G’s built in GPS receiver.

* mph and km/h display
* analog and digital SPEEDOMETERS
* digital COMPASS
* 4 different analog speedometer styles and colors
* mirrored display to see the speed in your car’s windshield. This HUD view is usually only available in expensive luxury cars
* ODOMETER to measure distance traveled
* black background for easy readability
* GRAPH of the recently traveled speed
* WARNIN SIGNAL to warn you when driving too fast
* adjustable warning threshold

We are very proud and happy to receive good reviews from our customers:

★★★★★ by kurtonic
“Awsome!!! The best speed app on iphone”

★★★★★ by Darekakuta
“Just what I needed. My ’58 chev’s speedo doesn’t work. This did the trick.”

★★★★★ by Rawd
“Great My 79 Firebird speedo only goes to 140 kmh. ;). This worked perfectly.”

“Within 1 mile per hour +/- Great Job!”

by Mirko9000
“Must have! Worth the money, works as advertised.”

SpeedBox was one of the very early Speedometer-Apps for the iPhone. Take advantage of our great experience and refined algorithms that can get a much greater accuracy from the iPhone then a lot of other programs. We regularly update our application to make it even more accurate and usable.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We are so convinced that you like our application, we offer you a money back guarantee. Really don’t like the App? Contact us on the “SpeedBox Support” page (see below) and we will refund your payment with PayPal!

Please note that due to the iPhone’s limited GPS reception quality the application works best at speeds from 10-20 km/h upwards. The “GPS strength” indicator should at least show 3 yellow bars.
Modern cars often have windscreen which can lower the GPS reception quality. Please allow the application up to a minute to find enough satellites to work correctly.

Users have already used our application to verify the accuracy of their car’s speedometer or they tried measuring the speed they achieved while skiing. Can you come up with more ideas? How about measuring the speed of the airplane you travel with?

Please note that the compass only works when you are moving. The iPhone does not have a built in compass, so it can’t display the direction when you just turn the iPhone around.

FEEDBACK: If you’ve got any wishes or suggestions for new features, please let us know with the contact form on this application’s website (see link below). We will be more then happy to integrate features our users want.
We are already working on the next update!

Speed BoxSpeed BoxSpeed BoxSpeed BoxSpeed Box


April 7, 2009

Feeds$2.99 from Prime31 Web Design Feeds

Feeds is the premiere RSS reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Feeds is fully integrated with Google Reader! For those of you who choose not to use Google Reader, Feeds works as a standalone RSS reader as well.

Feeds allows you to:

✓ Email the feed link and description without exiting the application
✓ Star feed items that you may want to revisit at a later date
✓ Share feed items with your friends (Google Reader only)
✓ Categorize your feeds into folders
✓ Read feeds offline
✓ View originating websites in Feeds or Safari in portrait or landscape
✓ Easily add tags to your feed items (Google Reader only)
✓ Add feeds to your InstaPaper account

Note: All settings for Feeds are located in the default Settings application available from your iPhone/iTouch’s springboard (desktop). Most of the features people have been asking for are in the Settings waiting to be used!

*** If you are experiencing issues please delete and re-download Feeds. This should fix any problems you are having. If it doesn’t, please contact us on the support website and we will remedy the issue. ***