iQuotes$1.99 from Better Day Wireless iQuotes

iQuotes features hundreds of quotes set atop a background of famous works of art and vibrant photos chosen specifically for each. Use iQuotes to get a new quote for every day of the year or easily browse through them all with forward and back buttons.

Get quotes of the world’s greatest thinkers from Einstein to Confucius. Experience the witticisms of some of literature’s most creative minds like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, or Shakespeare to name a few.

Quotes range from the witty and humorous to motivational words of wisdom.

Quotes are brought to life by vibrant nature scenes, portraits, cosmic images, and some of history’s greatest works of art.

Don’t have time to browse them all? Don’t worry, when you open iQuotes, the order is rearranged giving you a unique experience every time.

Plus, iQuotes will get updated frequently, adding more quotes to your collection!

Try iQuotes today for a bit of inspiration and entertainment!

Better Day Wireless. Better Apps. Better Value.


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